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Archive through May 08, 2005
Time base interrupt
Programming the PIC16F818 / 16F819 with TK3
PICs and USB
TA7613 ic pin out?
Earthquake Predictor?
OnLine EPE
May05 EPE missing page # 334
Battery Information
PWM frequency for model train motor
Code protect
Sound Card Mixer (EPE Feb 2005) Help wanted
Battery Charging
Is your account still Awaiting Activation?
RS232 via Radio Link
Any electronics chemist in silicon around?
Digital Multiplexing
Proffessional timer depending on pic or atmel micros
New Forum
EPE PIC projects and rotary encoders
Crystal marking codes
Welcome to the new EPE Chat Zone
Archive through May 15, 2005
Very newbie question
Visual Basic.NET Serial comms
Programming 18Fxxx PICS
Oscillocope wanted
Playstation Controllers
Sky Digibox Rs232 Comms Port
6 pole, double throw toggle swtich
LCF Pic program help
Wanted pic tutorial software
Negative ion generator (ionizer)
Latest PIC files ready
Crossword Solver project, EPE May '05
Simultaneous display
Freebie Metal Detector
For John Becker: bug in LCF meter code
1874 Fluorescent Tube
Archive through May 21, 2005
Complaint about "Playing Tag"
CAT II & CAT III safety standards
Fade effect with LEDs
XP2206CP chip
Oh goodness me looking for Bob
Old thread just before fall !!
Set up and testing "Micro Pest Scarer"
Microchip fixed point math library -16CXXX family
Daylight saving time
Metal detector & inductance bridge
AudioKits - Where2 Buy Quality HiFi Amp Kits (non tube)...
SMD Work
Who invented the oscilloscope?
Using Cell Phone LCDs
Note: automatic archiving of older threads.
Telephone intercom
UK supplier for audio transformer 1000 ohm / 8 ohm?
Archive through May 29, 2005
Big white LEDs
Audio Levels
Electronics Trading Site - How Much Interest?
Crossword solver May 05
Powering a mobile phone
Repeatable code for LCD modules
Expanded polystyrene as a muffler
Old ChatZone
Speaker wire
FAO ARW: Can't see the wood for the Trees, Alan
This is a sub thread off
Playstation Controller Interface for Robotics etc
Tachograph sensors
Low battery indicator
Keyboard Interface to LCD module.
Power pack
240V to 130V
Conformal coatings (outdoor use)
PIC query
Isj50 diodes
Archive through June 09, 2005
Infra Red remote controlled LAMP DIMMER
Luxeon V controller 2sk2231 equivalent
Colour detection
Taking pictures of EL LyTec wires
Transmitting at <100kHz?
Forum problem
Visual Basic help
EPE Synthesiser
Low Cost Silk Screen
For Sale - Mega Electronics PL903S THP Machine
Solid state switches?
Bi-Wiring Speakers
Homebrew PCB Etchant Heater question
Maximum frequency of a stripboard
Re schematic MAG4
ChipCon ZigBee Development Kit
D/A Conversion
Metering problem
Archive through June 13, 2005
Solar panel application design info required
Urgent help need with programming PICs
Magnetometer Puzzle
C feedback op.amp filter?
Quirk of LM3914N LED Display Driver
HY528256Y DRAM
Book recommendations
Interfacing 2 Pic's
Self paced learning
Tetra interference on TV & radio (UK)
Esd protection
USB 2 cables
Touch Switches
UV exposure times
Toolkit TK3 V3.05
TK3 and HIGH Directive
Learning electronics
Low cost, simple accelerometer?
Not actually "electronics only" but useful!
Archive through June 20, 2005
7905 Negative Voltage Regulator
Peltier power in - and out
EPE June issue
Distance from DAB transmitters
4digit 7segment lcd display
Cybervox files now on site
Commands - Shortcuts for other than English language
Workshop addition
Pic18F book
July online issue
Cadpack is out of date ?
Weller WTCP51 soldering station £45
Top notch soldering station!
Weller WTCP51 soldering station £45
Hard drive
Babani books
Scope probes for sale, on ebay
You lucky people
Start up equipment
Archive through June 30, 2005
Movement tracker
Diy solder station
Weighted noise
Recovering a ded lead-acid battery
Battery capacity (amp-hours etc)
July 2005 edition
Some PIC queries: Brown out detect and Weak pull ups
PIC TK3 programming and LCDs
Brunning Software Books
Part List for circuit design
Wart Zapper
Transformer problems
PIC source code for Rugby / MSF Decoder
Jack Kilby dies
Board comment: Any chance on a larger editting box?
Tinning copper PCB's
Dataman S4 programmer for sale
Testing audio cables
Archive through 08 July, 2005
UV Exposure!
MPLAB watch window problems
Dataman S4 Programmer (512KB) for sale on Ebay
Replacement for SI 1050G 50W Thick Film IC Amplifier
PIC Programming
Lead-free solder
PCB Etching
GPS - $GPGGA message
Job Opportunity
NEW soldering station for sale £45
What to do with unused microcontroller pins?
Pollen count in weather forecasts
Transformerless power supply.
Holux GPS Module - Help Please
EPE Online Shop: upgraded checkout
Amplifying <10Hz
Wind speed indictator. converting rotational speed to MPH
Archive through 15 July, 2005
Bargraph Driver
Usb Midi Interface
18f example epe
Pic external clock
Stepper motor speed
Laser range finder
Long memory required
PIC711 programmer
ICL7107 3.5 Digit A/D Converter problems
How to know from what mchine they come from?
Direction indicator
Com port 600 baud?
VB6 & WIN 2000 interface problems
Wildlife Monitor
Programming goldwafer cards
PCB layout
Archive through 26 July, 2005
12F675 programming with EPE Toolkit TK3
PIC / TV Interface
USB cable length
Home audio distribution systems / whole house audio
Tk3 programmer schematic??
LCF meter
Cellphone Jammer
Tk3 programmer schematic??
PICC ADC Programming!!!
Tk3 programmer schematic??
Compaq s700 computer monitor
PIC to PIC wireless
Raymond Haigh Optical Illusion
PCB layout mask for UV exposure
HELP!!! can print EPEMAG
Adapting a Walkman taperecorder for practising Morse?
Magnetometer terminology
Capacitor Voltage Codes
Humidity sensor circuit
Archive through 06 August, 2005
Single board computer for sale on ebay
JPEG-SMT Capacitor Identification.
CameraWatch support website
Atlas LCR.
RFID Reader/Writer
Op-amp maths
How to freeze the trace?
Where are the cheapest stepper motors ?
Surface Mount CAPS
Yes, Colour Bands, Square/Rectangular Shape...
Transistors or Op-Amps in Audio Circuits?
Calculating 4093 Freq. Output???
Source for small vibrator motors?
Trickle charging NiMH batteries
Horological collages
Floating point math and PIC's
Real Time Clock
How does this motor work.
SPI: What exactly is it?
Download page
Transistors - Modern Day Equivalents
Ferrite Pot Cores FX2239
ICSP and PIC16F628
Archive through 15 August, 2005
Low-temp IR (infra-red) sensors
Alternative EPE forum
Road Traffic Accidents
8 channel data logger
PIC EEPROM problems
Sky Baronet - battery help??
Met Office cct
Choosing an oscilloscope
Lascar graphics modules - any interest?
Modified servos - Speed control, is it possible?
Cases for projects
Question about buying a multimeter
Pic16f877 problem
Ferric Chloride stains
PIC driving a Relay
Stepper Motors - Basics
RFID Reader/Writer
Electronic audio switching
Archive through 23 August, 2005
Need short USB extension cables
Pic N mix DS1267
Wind turbine
PIC Crystal not working.......but is now!
Rotary encoders to control PICs - success
Choosing/using PCB packages.
PCB Prototype Service
Pic Tachometer
Effect of ROHS on the hobby market?
Picstart 16B1
Graphics tablet / digitizer
Crytsal Markings
RF transmitter and receiver
EPE Online Sample
Pic16F877 & Clock Input
Sound to Light
ACX307 and HP displays help reqd
Archive through 01 September, 2005
Inpout 32dll
Inpout32.dll And Windows XP
Motorola V120c Cellular LCD Display Module
RF solutions Radio modules and IC's
PIC development boards
Inpout32.dll And Windows XP
Help with pic programming
Pic Maths
Tk3+differant programmer
FM radio - digital tuner
Composite to S video converter (repost)
Hitachi LCD Display LMG9310XUCC
LCD Sharp LCD Display - Model LM80C36
DVD Burning Woes
Controlling car windows. HOWTO
Penfold article from late 80's? Help??!
Are you a new user awaiting an Activation Email?
Dual-Gate MOSFETS - Does anybody know where to get them ?
Archive through 10 September, 2005
Camera controller
Solar Panel Life Efficency
Zero phase detection
ARCAM Delta 60 Amplifier
Replacing rechargeable batteries
Smart card supplier
Audio circuit advice needed
EPE Webmaster's Chat Zone/ Message Board Hints & Tips for...
Advice for a 'simple' project
Free SPICE software from Texas Instruments TINA-TI
The Amature Scientist 2
Online download
More informative and active website request
Mail order component suppliers?
Asm code
Wanted: PIC Dev board for newbie
N-channel MOSFET
Help with treasure locator
Venturing on the WIFI side of networking
PIC dev/project board for newbie
OBDII Interfacing
Archive through 19 September, 2005
Stop PWM with output low - (Simplest restart included)...
PIC 12F629 code cloning to another PIC?
Chassis suppliers
PIR circuit
Hall effect range
RFI and the PIC
What is your preferred method of making PCB's?
18f2455 Programming
Telephone line testing
DIY Reliable Guitar Pitch Detection
EPE staff announce:John B
Transistor equivalents
Pic Keys tutorial
Pic help
Bicycle Light
Fusing current
Demise of home builders
Attenuators and ADC
Archive through 27 September, 2005
Traffic light changer widget
PIC LCF meter from Feb. 2004
Decibel Sound Levels
New Archive Section created
Home made arc-welder
Darlington array
Designing PCBs
Laptop LCD usage
Directing sound
Dimmer interference
Reliability of Operating Systems & app. software
Model train detection
Simple sw radio
Theremin .. Help please!
Toner Transfer System, some notes
TK3 / PIC16F628A
TK3 in-circuit programming
Error checking/correction - Small packs
Pocket treasure finder by Andy Flind
Website for interesting projects
Archive through 12 October, 2005
Finding an enclosure
Here's a fun circuit to play with
Colour spectrum
PCB Making
RF600D/E decoder/encoder samples
Anyone using a Microchip dsPIC
PIC 18LF6410
Maplin cape town
Washing machine motor
Does anyone use a simulator?
Up- Down noise ???
Etching tanks
Binary no. to LCD
Weather Station
This months source code?
Televison Volume!!
Help with pic code
Help with 1995 project - Simple Theremin
CuCL Etching Solution (peroxide/muriatic acid)
Is your account awaiting Activation? - New Users please read
Archive through 02 October, 2005
Transistor Equivalents??????
Harmonic shunt filter
Do you Google??
Pic16f627 HELP!!!!
Batteries web site
LED suppliers
What would you do with it?
What is this Developement Board
New client problems
Timer TMR0
Sweep frequency
FET Gain
Pic Breakpoink
Question about PIC's,
Atmel to Pic code
EPE Wind meter
Phasor pistol
Archive through 08 October, 2005
VB Help!
PIC processor vs. Atmel Processors
Body-fat meter
Easy pc
Valentine spinning heart
Rf PCB layout
Crownhill ZX4120 GPS Module - Adaptor PCB
Measuring speaker T/S parameters
NOT everthing is...
RF600T circuits
Visual Basic causing ODBC errors
If anyone know how to make a speed control for a dc motor
Attention micro guy
Mains current indicator
Minisonic Synth?
Bug in Haloween Howler Project
Attention micro guy
Mind pickling
Porta as inputs
Snooker & darts Scoreboard
Archive through 17 October, 2005
Attention microguy
Latest web/ FTP/ source code updates
Equation again
Corner Frequency!!
Which book to get started?
Radiation damage
Sourcing clock displays and display filters
Soldering iron bits
Code compatibility issues
LC Meter Code
Build a computer for almost nothing. *fluff*
TK3 sim
USB mouse to PS/2 adaptor
Photo etch experience
Site for CherryTree
Water level control
Parts shopping at Toy Stores
Most Versatile PIC Programmer?
Archive through 22 October, 2005
EPE announce: New Teach-In 2006 page
Transformer tribulations
Soldering iron controller
Attention camm
Another site for CherryTree
LOW Frequency
Info on ALPS TB6026F based track ball module
Ferrite Pot Cores
Attention microguy
Query on Biopic Hearbeat Monitor in June 2002
Pic Toolkit TK3
Another GPS Module for CameraWatch2
Surface mount PICs
Anyone going to Embedded System Show Tomorrow?
Attention microguy
Soldering Iron bits for SMD
8 channel light sequencer by Mark Stuart
Neg ion generator
Hamming code 8,4 error correction
Here's an idea for ya.
Plans for a PIC In Circuit Debugger?
Archive through 29 October, 2005
Comparator with hysterisis
Please comment code .....
Who winds their own transformers?
Component Suppliers
Chatzone Users Location
Cybervox dac
Magazine Circuit Idea
Additional GPS modules for CameraWatch2 Project
Active filters again
Best way to cut PCBs?
Active filters
Active filters
Dc to ac inverters
SMD Soldering
Ultra sonic transducers
Emergency lamp
Fitting an LCD to a front panel
Parity checking
Attention camm
LC Meter Project Again
Speed Camera Watch Mk2
LCD's, do they just "go bad"?
Missing Messages
Archive through 02 November, 2005
Spining LED's
Spinning leds
Pic Programmer Ideas
Source for 25c256 / Joint order anyone?
Tubular Incandescent lamp failure. Any Solution?
EPE Policy for freelance submitted work...
PIC interface foibles and a new use for the TENS unit
RGB LED data sheet
Cybervox dalek voice
Christmas Lights
In Circuit Debugger for PIC processors.
ZTX653 and ZN4400 cross ref
Archive through 07 November, 2005
Re Freelancing Debate
Heads-up display
Anti dog gadget
FT232BM USB Driver Chip Uk Supplier
EPE Chat ZOne
EPE chat
Getting the time by radio
Echo / Delay Circuit
13.8v PSUs
Remote control lights
DIY opto isolator
Attention barry
Hologram projector
Archive through 11 November, 2005
electronic shock machine
Shock machine
Attention steerpike
Cut-Down EPE Met Office 2003
Old data books
DIN plug help
EPE Improvements
Friends site
TENS unit
Halloween howler / pic16f628
Luxeon LED's, anybody messed around with 'em?
CZ Censorship
Recommended website(s) on Oscillators?
Help! - Parking Radar problems
CameraWatch 2
For all you seasonal "Artsy" types.
Archive through 15 November, 2005
Interfacing the LM35CZ temperature sensor
Plated rgeough holes
Old data books
Small DC motor driven platform - How to keep steady?
Picmicro V3
Halloween Holwer code
Nixie tube
Digitally Controled Frequency
More on magnets
Re C.D. (John Becker)
Notice: Updated Acceptable Usage Policy
Function Generator
Sound from a pic
Frost Box Regulator
Archive through 19 November, 2005
Digital Filters
EPE Prop monitor
Looking for a Pic18F2550 Programmer
Motor control for Jakes
Stroboscope Capacitors
Top Teners
Announce: New Discussion Areas
Hyperterminal - Too many options
PicStart Plus Development Programmer For Sale
LCD displays
Quality Test Equipment Found
Adding IMAGE sensor for older Camera's
Remote driven cars
Archive through 26 November, 2005
Santa and Visual Basic
Paul Goodson - next challenge
88 to 108 Mhz meter
Lcd troubles
Programming lanuage
Fitting speakers to panels
Atomic Time Clock receiver modules
Connecting to FTP in Visual Basic .NET
Microcontroller wake up chip
Wheres steerpike ?
BCD Decade Counters
Phase locked loop
RS 232 - USB
Mains Voltage and Current
Archive through 02 December, 2005
Prototype PCBs
Need help on GTP-USB (PIC18F2550) WinPic800 programmer...
Sqaure Power Connector
Uploading File Attachments file size now increased
EPE PCBs for sale
How to you pronounce 'zener'?
Mains differences in countries
Constant current regulators using LP2951
RGB ( even colour mix)
5x7 blue led dot matrix display supplier
Wire wrapping...
LCD and MAX232
Innocent Profanity
TV Antennas
Archive through 07 December, 2005
Tracking Beacon For Stolen Goods
Oscilloscope calibrator
USB Easy? October project
PIC16F873A-I/SP Reset Problems
PIC16F877 code on a PIC16F77
PIC10F20x programming
Hutchison effect
Greetings & EPE On-line
Rearranging data - 16F877 in assembler
Stopwatch - any ideas
Anybody really good at TV remotes??
Early notice of Radio Show
Interfacing with "toy" PCs
Archive through 20 December, 2005
What happened to Microguy?
New Google group EPEmag-Electronics
USB Charging
Solder (40%TIN 60%LEAD)
Big Digit display, Picaxe Programming
What I want for Christmas
EEG or Bio-feedback
Bio-amplifier ECG/EEG/EMG
EMG - Electromyography
18F a to d impedance
Dabbling in the newer PICs
Distance Measurement
For Digital January 2006 Version
35Mhz R/C system ?
Big Digit Displays
Archive through 14 December, 2005
I need your help!! please i need a project a cool one!
Any subject for it project & language is
It is just bound to happen ....
External antenna for personal DAB?
Flip-Digits Flip-Dot
Big Digit Displays
A PIC too far?
Invert the EPE Logo?
Home Alarm Issues.
433MHz transmitting aerials
Not entirely impressed by Farnell
Serial data
48VAC Transformer requirement
Television Vertical Sync Timing
Self Erasing PIC
Winding inductors
Free MS Software
Where should the tone controls go in an audio amplifier?
Archive through 24 December, 2005
Reference Readout Article EPE Jan '06
The best procedure to check ultra fast diode by analogmeter
18f242 Probs
Merry Christmas
How to know the zenor diode how much watt
Ac prototyping
How to know the transistor is fet and how to check it
Building a scope
How to build a remote checker circuit
More Domestic Lighting Problems
How to check the regulator ic is short LM317T
How to check 400v capacitor whith analog meter
Biopic help wtd
Archive through 04 January, 2006
PIC based Interface
Project guidance wanted
lowrey 80 symphonic organ
Wired in ... ?
Strange Readings
Stroboscope LEDs
Space writer pendulum
Differences between signal generator and power supply
Free formulae calculator
How can know this ic is short or leckage LM317 T
HIGH Operator
How to know the transistor is npn or pnp
LCD Control
Simulation software
Archive through 11 January, 2006
Secret switch
Hi to all expert please in here
Flux removal
Coin flip circuit
How to check pnp transister whith analog or gigital meter
USB applications
Mosfet Mk2 bench supply
Home controller
Triac Problem
Looking for a partner for production of electronic devices
Shift registers
PIC controlled projects
Television Vertical Sync Timing continued
Speaker Crossover Air Cored Inductor Help
Dc - dc converter
How to test this transister sta 353 yy3
Archive through 27 December, 2005
Computers do what you say
Electronics cost?
E=MC Squared
Debugging Java in Forte - Any experts out there?
Archive through 01 December, 2005
The latest technical innovation: the Binary Watch!
Nero Burning Rom Error
Theremin Update
Viewing a MS - NT file
Butterfly wings work like LEDs
Archive through 14 January, 2006
Any circuit for frequency measurement?
Where can find datasheet of transistor to check
Old EPE Mag with VDU/Glass Teletype
TK3 - Using Include Files
Alcohol concentration measurement
What is difference between npn and pnp transistor
Downloads Updated Feb. 2006 issue
A.C Coupling Capacitors
PIC Graphics L.C.D. Scope (G scope)
Newbie Scope question
Very Urgent Problem with PIC
Flux removal
Soldering - but not for circuit boards
Looking for Graphics LCD 320x240 Mono + Controller
How to check this transister sta 353 yy3
Archive through 20 January, 2006
Difficulties programming PIC12F629
Club Head Speed
Please tell me these diodes are same or not
How to make a work bench power supply
Inductors and Cores
Long term storage of Electrolytic caps
LED Selection
Wireless Monitor
Good tutorials
Well guys i am confused to check transistor
MPLAB ICD not working on XP !!!!!!!!!!
Pnp transistor which is base+collector+emetter
Question on converting rotary motion into on off!
Visual basic 2055 express
Archive through 07 February, 2006
Moving coil pick-up pre-amp
Mikael H.(aka HiFi): re Sanken SI1050 IC
Ac voltmeter
Interesting discovery
Transformers help
New software for CameraWatch2 project
Sound Box Circuit
Shekhardas - PIC12F675 Programming query.
Op-amp problems
Transmissive sensor > PIC interfacing
PIC16LF628 Programming
Kelvin Sense Resistors
Repairing baby Anabel
Archive through 28 January, 2006
PIC12F675 Programming query
Averaging 8-bit numbers in assembly language
Op Amps: Current Feedback
ESR Meter Specifications
8 bit binary to decimal conversion
Long reach 2.5mm plugs
Teach-in part 4: SCR polarity
SMD. components
Panel mount 13 amp sockets
Pic - try again
Is there any site for replacement diodes
400 volt capacitor how to know its leckage or damaged
Triac gate sensitivity
Harmonic measurement by using CRO
Op-amp problems
1 inch long pin strips
What is replace of this diode 1N4007
Archive through 31 January, 2006
Colorcodes study guide
Laptop PSU
Semiconductor Identification
March 2001 edition: Tesla coil
Video camera modules/boards
Peter Hemsleys 32bit maths routine
Peak Load Sub routine
Stepper motors
Peak Load Routine
IC From Battery Charger
Try to get hold of this Bargain!
Alternator Signals
EMC guidelines
Which PIC model should I use? help pls!!!!!
Archive through 15 February, 2006
RS232 snooper
RS232 serial bits
PIC Programming with WinPic800
Please help me
Difference between inverter and converter technology
Help me build a plethysmograph
EPE Binders
24hr digital clock, please help !
PIC chips - which one to buy?
Simple PIC Programming Question
HV Disc Ceramics
Plants are diodes
Diode modelling
Archive through 18 February, 2006
Loud Speakers
More G-Scope !
A note on the 555 timer
Square wave to sine wave?
Reference Voltage
Twin hd system
Motion sensors/infra red sensors
Speedometer drive sensor
Key locator project
Hi everyone -- been having some problems with PICs
Equation using the 555.
EPE announce: A tribute to the late Fred Bennett
LCD display basics
Archive through 22 February, 2006
THE AC Mains outlet
Why my PIC still can not function?
MY Project..
Highly Flexible Keypad Alarm EPE Feb 06
Ground or Zero Volts
How to check this transister sta 353 pnp
Update to CamerWatch2 project
Harmless shocker
Programmable Controller Unit
Simple problems about LM741
Level Sensor design
Using 555 timer output to drive higher loads
Test gear....
Is your account awaiting activation? New users please read
Archive through 27 February, 2006
Old Tektronics 545 'scope
Mains Power Controller
For Mr. John Clarke
Appologies to Amr_bekhit
PortaPAL Public Address Amp
I think i got a virus from the chatzone.
DAB Radio
Digital radio
Updateon lcd screens?
555 Timer Component
Archive through 03 March, 2006
I need to download...
Sound labs mini synths!!
Star Trek 555 Siren
Solder alternative.
Bushes for Potentiometer Shafts
Battery charging whilst being 'used'?
Atmel Programmer
And now......, for something completely different....
Sound Project site
TK3 to USB
Weather station
Component I.D
About frequency meter
Help needed
Archive through 06 March, 2006
Year 98...March,April,May tut.
Search for the Mullard Book of Transistor Audio Circuits
Plastic Enclosures
Some Specs on the XR-2206
Winsock.dll & VB for FTP Access
AC Voltage Reglator?
Star trek 555
Mini kits
How'd they do that??
PIC Bank0/Bank1 switching & SFR Addresses - Help!
Electrical Theory free e-book?
Frequency detection circuit
Archive through 10 March, 2006
TK3 problems
What is a "Marginal Oscillator"?
Help with Teach-in 2006
Looking for a LCD with Touch-Screen?
Calling Benelatus and Obiwan
Ouput stage..
Electric Shock Machine -- Here It Is
Coldheat Soldering Iron review
Creating icons in VB6
PCB/stripboard tracks and mains electricity
Electrical Installation
Serial comms accuracy: Crystal and no crystal
Why a MPASM program wont run on TK3
Archive through 15 March, 2006
Capacitance measurement
Update to CameraWatch2 unit software
16F84 Memory Pages?
Audio Controlled Switch - Electronics, The Maplin Magazine
Top Teners
Mind Pickler
PIC to USB where to begin
Uk Supplier for a SDA 3546 eeprom
Send data to address of MF RC500
What oscilloscope probe to use?
Someone explain impedance?
MP3 Player Project
Mosfet Help
Small, low power, focused light source
Archive through 19 March, 2006
Intelligent Fire Alarm
Re Decibel again..!!
40x4 alphanumeric LCD
Help solving a puzzle please
DC motor speed control
What is electronics all about?
TRIAC solid state switch
Uses for my compact flash interface
Cat scarer:subject
ColdHeat Soldering Iron
Pic Alarm 2002
Inductive Load Switching
Icebreaker cable ?
Humidistat - Humidity controller
The Complete PC Scanner
Archive through 28 March, 2006
Melody ic
DS1302 RTC - Number for each day
Making a radio?
How do they do that ?
DC motor speed control
Synchronizing flashing LEDs and RTCs
Ic wastes
Resonator Setting In MPLAB?
Noise Issue
USB PIC programmer
Keypad alarm Feb 2006
LCD software
Frequency generator
Neon Sign Transformer rating?
Archive through 06 April, 2006
An EAGLE PCB question
A simple PIC/USB interface WIP
Ferric Cholride and other etchants
Mobile Phone degradation
PCB making woes
A question for Mr. John Becker about a EPE project.
More on FPGA's
Remember the dsPIC??
Newbie components question
Power Supply Instant Shutoff
Sub woofer or Bass Guitar Amp design
USB Keyboard and m Laptop
Distance between objects
Archive through 14 April, 2006
Display problem with cross word solver (May 2005)
Dc motor speed control
Any analogue computer enthusiasts out there?
Stripping Enamelled Copper Wire
Pic Alarm 2002,again!
RTOS & multitasking
How To Draw a Schematic?
RaTilt sensor
Magazine Sales
Two Digits Up & Down counter
Cat Scarer
Satellite band scanner
Electronics costs
Level Switch Controller
Archive through 19 April, 2006
K179 for stepper motor driver
Nice Box Labels
Mood changer detector
How to get more Amps
Microchip PicStart Plus For Grabs!!!
Valve car radio restoration
Voice communication through PCM kit
Online IU archive?
Hi Voltage stuff
Electrolytics explode, how about tantulum??
PIC Bread Board
My pc com rs232 not working any more any help
Pic Bidirectional Pin Voltage
Power Supply Help
Sound sample
Sound Test
Archive through 25 April, 2006
True RMS measurement digitally with PIC
Car 'Speed' Signal - Where
Transistor Use
What is replace of this diode here 208
LED bulbs for cars
Knight rider light
Guitar FX Unit
PIC's: When code becomes too tough...
1khz sine wave!!
That Mood Changer Thing...
Converting PIC ADC result to Float/LCD
From DC to AC
Can someone help me?
Archive through 05 May, 2006
Possible Project
PIC16F628 serial oddity
Best way to obtain a difference frequency?
AV equipment quality
EPE LED Lighting for Cars
Solar battery charging
Graphic Design and Electronics course?
Driving light from electric fence
LED matrix mini fan
Sunshine recorder
Using the rs485 protocol
Phone Ringer
Two Digits Up & Down counter {again}
24hr digital clock
UK radio law
Archive through 14 May, 2006
Measuring a cars battery voltage
Instant On Circuit
Odd subject?
In Car Laptop PSU - May 2004
What am I doing wrong (Astable Oscillator)
Volume control for extension speakers
More info
TK3 and PIC Programming
TK3 and PIC Programming
Disk drive motor question
IR web cams
Sm soldering problems
Volume control for extension speakers
Sorry shouldn't have done that
SLA Battery analyser
Mobile Phone Sound?
PIC input question
Archive through 20 May, 2006
NICAD or NIMH battery. how can i tell?
PIC internal oscillator
Radio and Electronics News
Electronics CAD-PACK CD ROM
Hi-tech pic c keyboard driver?
LM3914V Dot/Bar Display Driver
REB measurments and digital photography
Lead-Free Soldering
PC interfacing.
Amusing story on BBC
Infrasonic ??
PicForge New Pic Basic compile
VLF Converter
Archive through 27 May, 2006
Appropriate cutoff frequency - 4th order lowpass filter
Common clock for 2 PICs - Circuit needed
Solid State Relays
Crofton Electronics
Measurement of reverse voltage spike
ANNOUNCE: Keypad Alarm Update (Feb 2006 issue)
Homemade ADSL broardband phone filter
Watch motors
Pierre Vernier
Mobile phone detector
PE SCAMP computer
Vernier dials 2
Tracing Paper from Staples for PCBs
10 Bit A/D PIC 16F877 Problem help!!
Archive through 07 June, 2006
Car battery reverse polarity
G-LCD & Contrast?
Problem PIC16F84A interface with LCD 16x2 HD44780A00
DDS sinewave generator with PIC
Opto-isolate PIC inputs.
PLD's - Where can I buy them from?
Keypad alarm - Feb 2006
Eeprom org
Temperature Controllers
Futaba T6EXA circuit diagram?
Renewable Energy
(on server problems and missing articles)
Vernier dials
Converting pulses to millimeters
Parallel port control with C++
Archive through 11 June, 2006
MOSFET drivers
PIC Atlimeter
Alarm clock amplifier
Just Scanned In: BAEC No. 103 December 1998 Newsletter
Transistorised latch
Induction loop tester
Do EPE still make and sell PCB's for their kits?
An Introduction to SCART - June 1998 Newsletter
PIC port expansion
Source for 19" rackmount cases?
Microchip PicStart Plus Circuit Diagram
British Amateur Electronics Club Archive
Counting with a PIC
Archive through 18 June, 2006
Get symbols like µ on your computer using ALT key or HTML
IBM AT/PS2 keyboard cable length
Wiring Audio Cables
RE: Any expect in pic16f690
[Questions] P.S. Caps. & Regulators; Book; IC Design?
Diode-Clamp IC Technology? Tr's -> D's for Logic!...
oscilloscope ht lead pickup
Spark ignition
Pc based psu
Injecting pulses into a pulse stream.
PIC18F series (moved)
PIC programmers only! (moved)
Epe 16ch project newbie
New thread with another????
More 16 x 2 LCD Programming Questions
Archive through 21 June, 2006
Fake USB keydisks and SD/MMC cards
RE: EPE's Website Past
Electronic part suppliers
Graphic LCD Pinout?
PC Infra Red
Michael Faraday Museum, London
Resistor for impedence control
Start new thread link at top (not yet :-)
Range of linear hall effect devices?
Laser level
Problem on Water Monitor
Graphic LCD
Problems with PIC 16F877A
How to make a slow LED flasher?
Archive through 25 June, 2006
PIC-controlled Intruder Alarm
Info on TMS3615 tone generator IC
Electromechanical Dot Matrix Displays
Excell Help - with a formula
Word generator
GPIB control
IMPORTANT: Which Component Suppliers still trade?
Automotive electronics
What is Zero Crossing detector ?
Microcontroller interfaced to a VGA monitor
Problems with wind speed meter
Series resistor
Epe magazine
Crystal oscillator
Archive through 28 June, 2006
PICs can die
Guys any idea about any electronics blogs?
Pic programmer
Building "tricorder", need advice
Problem with Water Monitor
CMOS / TTL Logic Probe Project
Why did the British Amateur Electronics Club Close???
Excuse me for being a crafty [person] :P
Resetting a counter
Transistor Gain
Diode-Clamp IC Technology???? Tr's -> D's for Logic....
Alphanumeric LCD types
Car 12v Regulated Power Supply
Source for learning
Pressure Sensor
Archive through 03 July, 2006
Knight Rider Kitt car interior - the full works (URL)...
18V from USB
Home Automation Electronics Site
Testing an electric fence with a Multimeter
What are these?
Futurlec Electronics
Ideas on how to track a fly
Hair Algae Remover
Resistivity meter
Ferrite Beads
About R/C transmitter and receiver
Can a PIC to compute a square root????
Hello guys any idea on amplifying WiFi 2.4Ghz Signal
Archive through 08 July, 2006
A-level Project, A Datalogger/Oscilloscope... Needs Input...
Found this 555 timer site, may be of interest.
Interesting supplier of bits n bobs
Cutting PCBs with bandsaws
Subject: Re: questions on T7/R7 and T7G/R7G
Do EPE sell Annual Binders for their Magazines?
Model railway scale
Suppliers of large electronic display modules.
Testing electronic magneto.
Everyday Electronics [K]lightrider Project - OCT86
Zero crossing detection
Servicing a Yamaha Clavinova CLP820
Pic 16F84 Configuration problem
A trivial search for a pc oscilloscope
First adding machine? (80BC)
Archive through 12 July, 2006
Common mode rejection ratio
Electric meter
LCD Backlight
Source for GOOD Circuit Diagram Drawing Software???
Ferrite Bead
R/C channel switch
A cheap source for LCDs ?
Capacitor preferred values?
4-line 8-character 5x7 LED Display Module
Another PIC oddity
4017 decade counter problem
Pure Curiosity 2
Looking for a H-Bridge driver
Archive through 17 July, 2006
PIC Illumination
Light - frequency converter
FM transmitters for MP3 players to be legalised
EXCELLENT PC Resistor Code Calculator Program.
DC/AC Invertor Theory
Halloween Howler (EPE Oct05)
Mystery Device
Maplin Magazine
Garage Sales Blues
Pure Curiosity
Grumpy old Man
Pic toolkit mp3 october 2001
A simple switching circuit
Common mode rejection Ratio
Archive through 20 July, 2006
August Issue
PIC switch on problems
Major Breakthrough in Physics ?
Electronic formula
Where buy parts: Record Player Neddle & DVD Case Screws??...
# phase AC induction Motor
PIC code problem!
Voltage and latch problems
RC Plane beginners question
BA spanners
Slip rings
Switch mode power supplies
Archive through 27 July, 2006
Electronic circuit - Reproduction ilegal or not?
EEPROM Headache
How does this work?
Embedded Systems Show
EPE PIC tutorial V2
FTDI USB modules at Farnell
A Book Wanted.. Please.
PIC Books
Another Pic'ing problem!
Didn't we just talk about this???
To Agustin from Buenos Aires
Help needed with timer!
EPROM - 27C64H20 - What does the H stand for ?
Thermometer, for Terry
Archive through 26 August, 2006
Knight Rider bargraph again
Flaming Dell!
Induction Hearing Loop
Some questions about Teach-in 2000
Now who would work on a bench like that?
Water Level Gauge (Latest issue)- Voltage offset
Digital Temperature Controller
Buried cable locator
Experimenters Kit Contents
Pic Help
RE: need help in pic16f690 to program pwm
DIY Hearing aid
Electronics Stores - Cape Town?
PIC Altimeter
Archive through 20 August, 2006
Irritating pc psu
Seeking a robotics enthusiast with mechanical skills
Maxim supplier
50 MHz frequency counter 9/06 - LCD/capacitor
TV Remote controls/ Infrared
Help required for identifying a component
`Spy camera' help please
Do you use the CZ Private Message facility?
405-line TV pattern gen?
Digital - Semantics
Samsung display hackery
Power Amp Chips/IC's
Visual Basic - Express Edition
Are PICS and brush motors compatible
Electronics stores Cape Town??
Switching points
Archive through 13 August, 2006
'feedback' on pc.
PCBTrain guide to exporting gerber data from Eagle CAD?
How to make an led countdown??????
Sychronised Clocks
Soldering on double sided PCBs
Re: questions on pic16f690
Photic phone
Forum in maintenance mode
Poor Man's Metal Locator
PIC to 20x4 LCD
Stopwatch running slow
Pic C & Where to Start
Reminder: forthcoming server maintenance
PCMCIA memory cards (for a combine harvester!)
Renewable energy again
Archive through 07 August, 2006
Max 6952 Uk Supplier
Aerial strength meter
PIC PWM Module
Some PWM Speed Control Questions
TK3 and Network Drive
Jacobs ladder
Advance notice of maintenance
For John and Arw
Looking for circuit to display ECG
*** Server Problems *** Please note ***...
PIC resetting it self
Epe issue.
Led torch pic
Archive through 01 August, 2006
DC to AC
Tin Pest
Control Pots
E meets W thru Ch@ Zone
Mini Synth
PIC 18F4455 & USB
Bike Computer
Remote Application Advice - Batteries and Solar
Smooth Power
Universal PIC experimental board.
High intensity torch project query?
The PIC18F2450 and PIC18F4450
What are these?
Archive through 27 September, 2006
Art of Electronics for sale
Level meter for home theatre system
Help needed with Cybervox
Battery Monitor
Build a TV pattern generator
About telephone dialer for burglar alarm
Problem with programming PIC12F629
I need these books
DIY Bubble Etch Tank
Octobers 350 Watt amp
Fixing dead PIC I/O pins
Are you a new user still awaiting your Activation E-mail?
Do you use the Private Message (PM) Facility? Please read...
Info required on Xicor X21C22 EEPROMs
Ultrasonic water atomiser
Archive through 20 September, 2006
An interest in Bluetooth?
3 isolated 12v outputs req
Have you seen this? Pentop Computer?
Underground sonar imaging ?
Power supply prob
What to put instead of IndF,F
Slight differences in IC and transistor codes - meaning?
About C programming
DC/DC Power Supplies
Problem with 50Mhz Freq. Meter
Help-Garden watering system
EPE Widgy Box (June 2006)
May be useful
Archive through 13 September, 2006
How good and how bad are PC wave generators ?
50MHz digital frequency meter
Using Notepad In TK3
MPALC to MPLAB Converter
Regenerating alkaline batts
Retro style ammeter wanted!
House insurance and home-made burglar alarms!
Sample Code to Display characters in LCD Display
L297 Stepper Motor Controller
TEA1101 Charger IC circuits?
LM380N internal positive feedback?
Substitute for MTP3055E
Power Dissipation Calculation for Resistor
EPE Theremin (Oct 2004; Oct 2005)
Archive through 05 September, 2006
Plastic Boxes/Enclosures
Hard disk motors
Bit more on UV PCB's
Using LCD Display Panels
Long distance IR diffuse reflective sensor
UK TV Receiver
SwCADIII tested - nice experience!
Sod u ku web sites
Back issue
Mixture Display Project
Moving coil/iron meters
Volume control
PIC In Circuit Debugger
Absolute value rectification CA 3140 single supply
Open source wireless PCI card
Archive through 01 September, 2006
Remote camera
Piezo element passing d.c.? Overload?
Jacob's Ladder
No UV light box needed!!!!!!!!!
Magenta Module Driver (Kit 860)
Thermostat Kit
VOX Circuit
I keep asking the same question myself
Music sheet data scanning software
Digital Television Problem
Dual triphasic sinusoidal signal generator
Making some PCBS, help!
Battery question
Compact flash to ide adaptor
TK3 Problem
Archive through 26 October, 2006
DIY professional looking panels
Automatic Current Controller
What do you do to make a project look good??
PIC 16F84A & TK3
Resistors in LTSpice - Unexpected behavior
Giant LED Display missing hex
Addressable Circuits
Sourcing former Greenweld Display Panel Power Supplies???
PWM Motor Control
ADC with an LCD
Quick Brake - legality in UK?
Alt.win98 newsgroup
Lookingepe 1983 november
EagleCAD questions
Deleterious Effects of Electricity on Plants?
Vauxhall ECU 18 Pin diagnostic connection
EPE project error?
Cybervox - Serious Mod frequency break thru
Back issues from '83?
Giant LED Moving Message Display
Relay Computer !
Including new component in LTSpice - Have the model
We're not alone......
Help with TK3
MW coil inductance?
Archive through 21 October, 2006
WCN Supplies Totton
Icebreaker and XP
Audio Amp Required
Project PCB files
Serial LCD, they saved me the trouble.
Can supercapacitors be used conventionally ?
Anyone doing DSLR electronic projects?
PIC 16F84 Alternative
Solder Ban Misconception
PIC C Programming Tutorial Series
H-Bridge Motor Driver
Substituting IC
Archive through 17 October, 2006
Pic programmer
Traic control of transformer lights
Guessing game
PIC 16F873 - Port A bit 5
Substituting ic
Tv distribution
Old sound chip
Lcd code
Model train sets solderiing
PWM Motor Control
About november 2006
Source for OLED LCD modules
Host file Ad killing
Skydiving Landing system
Harden against EMP ??
Archive through 11 October, 2006
Hex to asm
EPROM gang programmers
Neon resistor question.
PIC Sound
Car Headlamp Alignment Project
Problems finding GLCD PG12864-F
16 bit number to LCD
My opinion of Maplin sinks lower...
Powering a radio receiver using solar power
PIC 12F629 Servo reverser help
Hex to asm ?
Maximum timestep - Transient - LTSpice
Daft Punk Helmet
Stabilising CMOS inputs
Archive through 06 October, 2006
Smaller building blocks disapering?
Alkaline and zinc-carbon cells and rechargeability?
NE567 Help
Early Drum Synth Design
Project I'd like to see
Sound Generator
ETI, PE, IEE mags. for sale
Interfacing a PIC16F627 to a Z80 CPU
Materials to attenuate radio range?
PIC16F877-20 problem
Archive through 02 October, 2006
PIC sound
Um, what happened to the UM66?
50Mhz PIC Frequency Counter - 3.999744 Mhz or 4.0000 Mhz ?
Surface Mount IC prototyping
"No Blow" Fuse Mystery
Fuzzy-PID motor controller on matlab
Wave Sound...
Pic and Pad
Multi-Phase sinewave source
Negative voltage with logic inverters
19" rackmount cases - update
Fuzzy-PID motor controller on matlab
PIC Status Reg half died
32KHz or death
Archive through 23 January, 2006
Legacy - Meaning
I found 'Start new thread' !
Soft to calculate volumes
Email emergency
Proxy settings
Archive through 27 October, 2006
Bleep machines
Basic electrical theory question
Long Distance Wireless Network.
Opinions on Gary McKinnon
Archive through 28 September, 2006
'Copying website name' + more 'How To's'...
ETI, PE, IEE magazines for sale
Ebooks hadware - current trend & your experiences
Mathematics ??
RE: What is QPSK?
Archive through 26 August, 2006
Visual Basic support on Microsoft Vista
RE: need help in pic16f690 to program pwm
Wind Power from Junk !!
RE: examples of pwm for pic16f690?
RE: need expert to help me in this engineering problem
Archive through 16 August, 2006
One Dell of a bang (Dell laptop explodes at conference)...
Plain Fiberglass PCB boards
Google cache
What experience is worth...
Electrical energy saving
Archive through 07 July, 2006
Subject: Re: questions on T7/R7 and T7G/R7G
Member list
About R/C transmitter and receiver
Anyone using the new windows vista?
Sudoku solving prog
Archive through 16 June, 2006
RE: Any expect in pic16f690
Beating 0870 Phone Numbers for UK Suppliers
Digital radio: recommendations anyone ?
JVC Radio/Cassette player Model No PC-V77B
Archive through 26 May, 2006
From the EPE HQ dungeons -- October 1996 web site
Staple diet
Pic Programmer
Your article on the Cold Heat Soldering Iron
Twin Twenty Mark II Preamplifier (Reg Williamson)
Archive through 25 April, 2006
Back Issues of The Magazine
Wirelwss Connectivity
Technology@Home magazine...
Sound File
Avast! Anti Virus
Archive through 13 April, 2006
Faulty DAB Radio
Transferring VHS to DVD
Why do I bother?
Coming to the end
Mixer-amp circuit required
Acrobat 6 produces garbled output sometimes
Archive through 23 March, 2006
Rotating magnetic field?
Shrinking Breadboard !
Build yer own watch
RE: What motor to choose?
Pioneer TX-540L Tuner - going for free
Archive through 16 February, 2006
Buy a new os?
Physics question
Eko model A144
Saving outlook express files
Problem with recording
Transferring VHS to DVD
Archive through 31 January, 2006
Serial ports available?
Cooperation with Silicon Chip
Looking for historic Practical Computing issues
Farnell website: Unreliable?
Archive through 10 November, 2006
Anybody good with japanese?
A Intergrated Chip
Secured digital communication
Sound Effects - Follow Up
EPE Frequency meter capacitor - explanation?
C for PICs
Variable AC power supply
Review of C compilers for PICs
LCD on low voltage supplies
MSP430 Micro
Data logger project
Speaking of Copywrites.... John Becker.....
Underwater communication
Lux Meter
Mosfet drivers
Sounds sample
German -> English help needed
Rc mixer for plane problem with pic ?
USB based Stepper motor control
Alernative Plugboard source ?
Engineering and opening up the Solar System
Testing Solenoids with Low current
Test gear from the 1983 series
Happy birthday to you.....
Archive through 18 November, 2006
More on Watchdog
Lead Free
Note: re Server 500 errors and your posts
Proof Reading EPE <vbg>
Unleaded solder and gold tip soldering iron...
Solid State Redording
WDT timeout period
Mains Relay
All Electronics Rain Sensor
Amplifier Kits
Another Cap related question
Home made adaptor 16-pins SMD for breadboarding
Pic programming
Pic tutorials
Hard to find capacitor
PIC Programming for a Beginner
16 bit number to LCD
FAT16 MMC Article
LCD Graphics
The ir2110 driver
Soldering Irons
Biofeedback EEG circuit
Everbouquet Graphics LCD success
Archive through 27 November, 2006
Rotary encoder for weather station
Xtal transistor oscillator driving 2 PIC micros - 4 MHz
PCB track widths and current capacity
TK3 and PIC16F54
Christmas lights
LPG Bottle Fill Level Sensor
Giant LED Display
Battery Power
PIC Design Expertise Required
Stepper motor flyback diodes
What level is Line Input?
High Performance Dot matrix LED Message Display
Trailer lighting tester
Radio Control
Current sensing of stepper motors
Interface VBNet article
Vehicle intercom
EPE Constructional Project
Source Code & PCBs December 2006 issue
New Issue
New battery
Problem with TK3 V3.05
Laser Vibrometer Problems/Question!
More on the Vibrometer
Archive through 28 December, 2006
Household mains supply, voltage droop.
Proton IDE
Conmuting several EL wires
Driving a HardDisk Motor ?
Cheap PIC storage?
Deep cycle battery charger (jan07)
MPLAB Tutorial?
Re MPLAB error 118
Wind Gauge idea
EPE Constructional Project
Low cost 50 MHz counter
Sanitised of Seagulls
Laser diodes
Bi Color or RGB Led
Keeloq code hopping,encoder,decoder
St7920 controller chip
Breadboard Switches
New basic for PIC's
Desolder,a SMD success story!
Money Maker Idea
Pic Fat16 MMc
Video mixing / fading between two signals
Tek 2430A
TV repair question
Archive through 15 December, 2006
Looking for that special gift (for yourself)?
De-Soldering, machine, idea
Desolder,an SMD success story!
C Compiler problem
Automatic USB power on/off
Protel Client 98 Software
Source for Mauals
Anybody have a simple rule of thumb for inductors?
Small PIC programming
Pic basic or C
ADCOLA 101 soldering station - fix/spares?
Reverse Voltage
Giant led display
Trying to get all values in the series (capacitors)
Wireless power
Work Lighting
Palaeontology and electronics
Checking liquids in closed containers
RS232 interface, signal change on plug connect
CO ?
IR Cameras
Shrinking electronics
Understanding the LM3914 to build a digital fuel gauge
LCD Timing
Archive through 07 December, 2006
PC to PC copying
Computer Interfacing
Anyone used FreePCB soft?
Christmas fair project .
Attempts at PIC Programming
Camera Flash
Don'tcha just hate it.....
Pic Programmer
A Big Number
Soldering Station
Capacitors in parallel to buttons
Epsom 750 photo printer
Obsolete mosfet
Using Computer as Chart Recorder
Using oscilloscope
Low-Cost 50MHz frequency meter
Giant L.E.D. Message Display
Computer parallel port
Gears and BA spanners
Microwave oven component
Microwave oven component query
New USB2 (x2 !) chip
MPLAB-C18 -Student-Edition
Question about coils
Mosfets heating up
Archive through 12 December, 2006
Exploding light bulb mystery
New User Validation on EPE
Road safety danish style
My dream electronics handbook
Archive through 10 December, 2006
Tinycad version 2.60.00 anyone?
Amusing computer song
Winners of the EPE Teach-in 2006 ?
Curious Object.
Scope Shop
Archive through 27 November, 2006
Attn Violin
Yet another musical question
Another question for musicians
EPE Chat Zone image on main website
Archive through 20 November, 2006
IU annual awards
RoTating Speaker
Solar Seeker ( EPE magazine August 1995 )
Microsoft & IE7
MSIE7 and Downloads Page
Archive through 08 November, 2006
Needed info about encryption techinique
A music question
Frequnet Contrbutors, Valued Members etc
Reading new messages
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