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Archive through 27 December, 2010
16 bit maths routines for 16f886
Seasons Greetings to All at CZ
Where can I get these enclosures?
PCB Outline, router size
Power supply - How it works?
CRT Repair
Programmable Ignition Module - kit - which version do I n...
Dual layer DVD
Ailing netbook battery
PIC 16F886, Timer 1 and Oscillator Query
PIC32 printf function
PIC32 / PICKit 2 works!
Ferrite ring 18x10x6mm
STB Development
Single Channel MAX232?
Telescopic Aerial screw-in antenna?
MAX7219 Warning
CCFLs again
Good looking PIC box
Help with Oshon compiling
Teasmade backlight dimming
Inductor vs "Inductor type EMI suppression filters"
Thermocouple vs Platinum
Motorola TMOS Power MOSFET Data Handbook
ADSL Broadband Filters
Archive through 29 November, 2010
It might be my imagination .....
Diy smd boards
Spare op amp amplifiers
Zener diode packs
Upgrade from 16F84A
Motor inductance
Circuit Wizard CD (December 2010 edition)
PC Wizard layout file for Arduino ?.
New Club - Exclusive Membership
Health scares around HT lines
Winstar 122x32 FPC connector ?
Spi Programming
Photoresist Spray
Soldering on
Digital I.C. Tester
PCB Manufacturer in South Africa
Varicaps - Value is measured or calculated?
Hysteresis needed here ....
Heating element question
Stepper motor question
Internet Explorer
18B20 temparature sensor and PIC
Stripboard pins
PCB downloads
Importing data from PIC to MS Excel
The ZeitGhostMSFClockInBCDAndLCD(tm&patent pending)...
Archive through 10 November, 2010
Double digit numeric displays
Fuel Tank Explosion?
NiMH battery leakage
Oily Remote
Megger test
4 gang potentiometer
Basic electronics from another age - 64-bit memory circuit
MFA/Como Drills
PIC24's and ADC pins
Propeller Projects
Electric heating efficiency
Relays and PIC resetting
Schematic - TAMA board EPSON 810 / Action Printer 1000
Where's November 2010 EPE?
PW Robin Frequency Counter
Binary to BCD conversion
Radio mic problem.
VFD identification and useage
The Eagle has crashed .....
Gordon J. King
Teach-In 2011
SMD Right-Angle Board to Board
PIC16/18--->24 or 32 ?
Cheap insulation tester
Archive through 17 October, 2010
Pic A to D conversion problem
Wireless analogue transfer and solar PV
Threaded tube
Are LEDs more efficient than flourecent tubes?
Nov EPE printing problems
Request to old BAEC Members for Newsletters for Website???
Address Mux
More missing posts
IR Remote spares
Programming adaptor for PLCC-44 PICs
Electrically conductive glue
8086 / 8088 Reference Designs
Go figure..
Rummage shops for second-hand electrical/electronics gear.
Where do you keep your chips?
FPC mounting
Custom Eagle Parts
Battery H2O
Autoconfigured web server
Looking for
Digital Thermometer Help Required Please
PIC base Oscilloscope with Graphic LCD
TV Overlay ICs
What am I doing wrong here?
Suggestions for relay control opto-isolation circuits.
Archive through 26 September, 2010
Tesla music
Noise Reduction Techniques
DAB radio
Teach-in master control pcb assembly troubles
Propeller comments
ENC28J60 and PIC16F877A
LED series-parallel circuit
Propeller head
Simple power supply suggestions ....
My neverending playing with MSF receivers
LED calculations
Latest software downloads
USB replacement for Serial Port connection?.
Fitting a new micro to an old PCB
Teach In 2008 Files Missing
High power LED flasher needed
PCB Downloads
Reliable outdoor PIR sensor
25lc256 /1024
Choosing capacitor values
Stepper motors
Fuses - my findings
LC Meter Relay
Solder paste for the hobbyist?
Archive through 01 September, 2010
Should I plate electrical terminals ????
Occupancy detector
Discrete regulator - what's this part do?
Eagle Lite and SMDs
Capacitors for pic Micros
High density/very small single wire connections on a PCB
Are Microchips "bombproof" by design?
WinPIC programmer problem
Tweaking a stepper controller - SLA7020M
Tantalum vs Electrolytic Caps
Eagle Lite and copper-pour/auto-route
PCB Thru-holes
Barometer Module sensitivity issue
Ipods & charging
Personal image (avatar) size & signature increased...
EPEMAG3 site - mag picture could be much clearer
Beckman Industries PPS100 PSU
IR Reflective Detector
1062 PhidgetStepper Unipolar 4-Motor output controller bo...
Help. PIC 16F886 to Real time clock module.
Faux-hammertone paint for project boxes?
PIC Intruder Alarm Query
Archive through 08 August, 2010
Microguy - PIC bat detector
Car Battery ('contd)
Transient suppression help, please
£23 PC
PIC12F edge detection and counter
433Mhz radio module failed
Capacitive proximity sensor
Motor/generator combo. Very interesting.
For those looking for a free PCB package...
Optical Encoder Wheel Generator
PIC Water Tank Level Alert - Sensor position
Interesting PIC/MAX488 behaviour
Porting code from 16F877 to 18F452
Digital LC Meter (March 2010)
Rise time with simple LTSpice symbol
Anything but an Op-Amp
Muting a microphone
PAR Light Meter
PIC problems again.
FM aerial
TIPP31C replacement
Plated Thru Holes Finally??
Mobile Phone Disaster
Capacitor for a PWM controlled DC motor
PIC problems
Archive through 20 July, 2010
Re change from Analogue to Digital radio.
Mike H - Great stuff again
Cordless Drills
Large fonts for LCDs
Lead Acid Battery
Phone line EMI
PCB Question
De-vuvuzilator available for download
Interesting free software
Spring connectors for SMD chip programming
PIC JDM Programmer on Windows 7
PIC 18 with clock PLL question
More Newbie questions.
Programing PIC16F88-I/P using TK3 ? ...
Transistors as amplifiers
Playback Adapter for CD-ROM Drives Project
C syntax for setting multiple bits
Help with a confusing PIC problem please.
Switcher spares wanted
Labelling front panels
Electric window winders etc.
Pic N' Mix Files Feb 08
Capacitor fun
Fan speed controller
Ann: new site - EPEMag.Net
On Copyrights etc
Archive through 22 June, 2010
RF Sheilding Advice (DCF77 rcvr + PIC + LCD disp)...
16V 400mA DC Plugpack
Coil Winder/Winding Machines
End of the analogue RADIO?-
Small generators
Solder paste - Lead free?
Dpictutor epe182
Law on selling second hand electrical goods
Potential Dividers
XD card connector - any help appreciated
Universal counter question
Voltage regulation and voltage divider Q!
19" Rack Information
Test Tones
Help: ICSP and 18F452I/P
How to use prototype areas on a development board
Further Maths problem with PIC
Diode dimensioning on relay coil
PIC Maths routine problem, 2-Byte
LEDs question
Anbody have info on using old laptop LCDs?
Loudspeaker problem…
Archive through 26 May, 2010
Anyone know what this is?
Thanks for the silence - ARW
Diode / rectifier rating
Diac voltage
Inhibiting 74C925's CLK input - robust & safe.
EL Wire
EPE mTouch competition
Charging alkaline cells
EL Wire
Iceland - Peltier Heaven
Relay Noise Suppression
Relays and PIC resetting.
Magnetic sensor 43a914 / 15 datasheet
EPE SD card article?
Current basics
PIC programing problem
Power from plastic bags?
ICD2 and 64 bit Windows - warning
PICstartPlus and ICSP snake
32MX programming
MIDI Projects- EPE May issue Readout
Power Supply Design
Programming SMD PICS
Security floodlights
Tek 475 won't start
Archive through 11 May, 2010
Problem with Dallas temparature module output
Bored? Need a project idea? This is way cool.
UK Mains wireing question.
Audio recording
Barcode Failure
Avo Meter
How to Pay without GoogleCheckout
Transmitting mains power
Problem with Ascii output to 16x4 LCD using PIC 16f886
Inductor audio noise
Electronics Blogs
Solderless breadboard connections
Multimeter - Beginners help
Component store
Probably aimed at ARW!!!
PIC Laser Tagging
End of Email to SMTP Servers
Accessing the EPE Web Server
LPT to I2C interface for debugging
RCDs tripping out
Beginners Question- Potential Drop
Driving MOSFETS from a PIC?
Caller Id
Archive through 23 April, 2010
A word of advice
Mains Power Capacitor HELP
May issue of EPE Mag
Phototransistor light levels
USB to RS232 - experience shared
Apoligies to all
Digital Magazine Download Hassles
IR LED testing: odd behaviour
Solar Collector delta temp question.
DSP Musicolour, EPE May 2010 (Part 1)
Magenta pic toolkit mk3
Magenta pic toolkit mk3
VBasic variable passing
LCD Graphics Module PG12864-F
Detecting Pilkington K Glass
Static grass applicator
Looking for teaching building project
Old digital LCD projectors
Needed Documentation
Choosing a PIC
Free draw dividers. Who wants?
Various old electronics magazines for sale
EPE - Article request
5V noise levels
Guitar fx
Archive through 08 April, 2010
Any guitarists?
Transformer overloading
You guys may like this download.
Small Bubble Etch Tanks
Polyphonium Hex File?
Router mapping
Notebook Vs Netbook
How can this work?
Moving on from hyper terminal
Any sources for chip for VCR
Working Days Alarm Clock
Balanced Microphone Preamp PCB #599
Electrode Pads
Useful utility
433Mhz ASK Tx/Rx modules
Modular Circuit Design
Transformer question
Multiple Triacs off a Dimmer
No Hyperterminal on Windows 7
Smd crystals
Motor control with H bridge
Graphics for printing.
Anybody remember this PIC APP note??
Anyone built the Polyphonium?
Archive through 23 March, 2010
Pic 16F886 reading 18B20 temparature Module to LCD
Factory Clock
25W vs USB2 speed
BMP to C array
Mains Motor Problem
Toroidal transformers
Laptop batteries
Broadband incident
PIC KIT2 help wanted
Inkjet printer repair
Help needed programing 16F886
Dimming LCD panel.
Quartz clock module regulation
Telephone CLID with a PIC.
EPE Microchip XTouch
Alternative to tinning crystals
PIC kit 2 help needed
Mains motor problem
PLC Pic Programming
Prius electrocution
History of Hobby Electronics Magazine
Varistor in single quantity
PCB artwork
Durable Test Leads and Connectors
UPS failure
Everyday Electronics Space Invader Project
Wrong page in teach in 2
Forever Flasher
Caravan battery charging
Caravan battery charger
Archive through 26 February, 2010
Teach-In 2010 - all source files now available
Xtal weirdness
Sound on a Web Site
PICSTART Plus repair help needed
Fashionable Electronics
Electrolyic capacitors
PIC18f2420 -> ULN2003 -> 5 LED's
Toyota Recall
Anyone in the UK ordered from Digikey?
Very simple PWM
Pic n Mix files
LC Meter firmware
Thank you EPE and Microchip
Pimp my Kit
L/C Meter Kit?
Cost of leads
3-Phase motor current ...
Hi-Tech C Compiler and Bit Testing
More On Filter Circuits.
Solder powder
Bench power supply
Missing folder for april 2005
Doorbell solenoids
Archive through 15 February, 2010
520maH rechargeable batteries from iPower
Gas Boilers
Projects using fine pitch surface mount processors
Reading digital documents
PIC ICSP programming
Electricy/water analogy: What about temperature ?
High power LED driver
Supply of VGA sockets in the UK?
Car light bulbs
Hexploding Lightbulbs.
16F88 Supply Voltage Range
Just a suggestion
Very cheap Battery and charger
MSF Rugby Time Signal Receivers
Programmable Christmas Star Dec 2008
Anyone using KiCAD??
XT or HS for PICs
Pic Port Pin query.
Any Baxi Solo 3 boiler experts out there?
Could it be my fault ?
Transistor needed
Anyone catch Newsight?
60V supply for VFD? Charge pump?
Archive through 27 January, 2010
Using low energy bulbs with triac sensors
Is hobby-electronics ageist/sexist?
Law and repair businesses
Latching relays
Query regarding the EPE Feb 2010 grandfather clock sync c...
Energy Harvestor Chip
Light Intensity Logging (Original in Archives)
Do electronics enthusiasts EVER sleep?
Solder Paste
Reverse polarity single colour LED
MPLAB Simulator Stimulus Buttons
Query regarding the EPE Feb 2010 grandfather clock sync c...
Stun Gun
UV Light Intensity/Sensor
Why use gas (or other) boilers/furnaces anyway?
Model railway followers ?
Three phase power billing
Confusion over part number
Tinning Antex TCS bits
Yet another LCD query!
Sad news regarding Paul Goodson
C for pics
PICKit 3
Surface Mount Oven
Driving an audio transformer
EPE CD audio adapter & Jaycar KC-5459.
Archive through 15 January, 2010
Blocking oscillators
Antex Soldering Irons
The future of energy generation
Micro-power LCD
Sparkfun ex Free Day- WAAAAAAAA
Simple technique !!!
Computer Virus
Detecting mains current
Car Engine Management Systems
PIC ICSP programming
Season's Greetings
Pic n Mix Webserver Project ?
Solar light level
EPE 2002
Ebasic is now free!
Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Hum Problem
LCD Type!!!
Lightning Damage
New Year's resolution
Video transmission
Sparkfun FREE day
Maplin RS232 to 8 Bit I/O converter
Archive through 28 July, 2011
PC controlled burglar alarm
Glass Blowing
PIN Diode
6 digit GPS clock and em 408 driver
LED cube
Current transformers again
PIC chip pic18LF2520
Problems with SG3525
Battery leak
GPS - LR9552 Revisited
Adobe Square - beta version
Mains waveform
Watchman Oil Tank System
Kele HS-2000V useful device.
Consumer Unit accessibility
PIC16F877 MSSP problemette
UPower, low voltage efficiency
Wireless link recommendations
Conductive paint
Mains safety
Space shuttle launch
Exploring the PIC32 book by Lucio Di Jasio for sale on eb...
PH Probes
The 'best ever' tour of PCB making
UK voltage
Archive through 30 June, 2011
Amber/yellow LEDs - lack of brightness
Multiple Choice
Can you help us? Practical Electronics Jan 1973
Peltier Heat Pumps
Implementing maths functions in PIC's
PIC query
Transformers and other bits and pieces.
Ingenuity Unlimited - July
Solenoids and transformers
RF Transistor
18F14K50, RA0 & 1
Posting Mistake
Honeywell T6360 Plastic Dial
LT1017 Hysteresis
PID Temperature Controllers
Pic Microcontrollers for sale on ebay
FFT in LTSpice
Source for 'precision' resistors
PTC Thermistors
Video Capture
USB web cams ... MP4 cams.
This chat page?
Motor Speed Controller - June 2011
USART problems with the high speed setting
LOG in
New Multimeter Damaged Electrolytic
Heads up
Archive through 01 June, 2011
Going to market
GPS RS232 to PIC USART sync problems
EPE PICNMIX Dumb Terminal
Radioactive source
Garbled 20x4 lcd screen
4KV Flash trigger transformer
Measuring phase difference
Simulating a static shift register in LTSpice
Wiring fires
Diode failure
"Be a ham"
Question on back EMF of an inductor
Measure solar input
PIC "development" boards on ebay
Pic n Mix computer
Digital audio oscillator
EPE uCurrent kit
Maximum Power Point Tracking in solar PV
Dumb question about differential amplifiers ...
Measuring Meg-Ohm resistances
Fading memory
Multiple program selection.
Handy Web site
UV PCB exposure unit
Archive through 05 May, 2011
Who has heard of Amicus 18 (PIC Arduino)?
Un-identified Component
Digital potentiometer between +/-2.5V
TK3 Programmer with WinPic800
Windows 7 USB
Lgomanager classic
ULN2803A Questions
Sms controller march 2007
Power Relay Question
Filter corner frequency
LED Strobe Project Oct 2010
ZXT13N50DE6 transistor
SSM2164, suitable for tunable filter?
Op amp specs for tunable filter
16-bit value multiplied by 128
What PCB manufacturer do you use ?
Coil inductance question
Series Resistor to prevent short-circuits
Units for L R C circuits calculations
Coil self-capacitance
Spice and noise simulation
Laptop hardware problem
Humidity Sensing
Unused op amp inputs
Archive through 08 April, 2011
Secret Life of Machines, Tim Hunkin, Rex Garrod
Is this enough decoupling?
Bread-boarding 64 pin SMT PICs
Solenoid Monitoring
Oscilloscope for automotive use
The Attraction of Magnets (2)
Source impedance
Philosophical Stuff
Enammeled copper wire needed
Reprint EPE Power Generation tutorial
PIC voltage required to switch port
Cheap test gear anyone?
16F84A to 16F628A (Again!)
Logic Simulator
16F88 Programmer Suggestion
Dumb Question - 78xx Regulator - Where does the Big Cap Go
File Server Application
Switched mode PS and waveform distortion
April EPE: missing pages?
LED oddities
DCC Decoders for Model Railway Accessories
Signal for initial test of FIR filter
PIC and servos
JAL - Just Another Language
Archive through 22 March, 2011
Unknown electret micro
Japan's Nukes
"Mid-mount" RJ45 receptacle
OTG: Micro-A plug--->Standard-A receptacle ?
Mains signalling
Mosfet testing
Windows 98 error code
Battery labelling
Through-holes and PCBs
AVG software offer
Cut off frequency of anti aliasing filter
On board EEPROM program
Getting a nosiy signal to test a FIR filter
How much is information worth?
Trouble with TMR0
Tin whiskers
Overvoltage protect
Microchip rubber-necking
Pinout for IRLML6402TRPBF
Plasma TV
Farnell web site
18LF2420 RB0 not behaving (MCC18)
Old NiCad batteries
Warning on assembler variables MPASM
(Article moved) TK3
Archive through 21 February, 2011
Will TK3 work with a MK1 board
@ new user: MVS
The attraction of magnets
Accurate-ish 10 Hz clock signal
Vintage Electronics Mags
Absolute value of signed constants inside a macro
March Online edition
PIC Data Logger
Lead-free solder life
Constant current driver
Parametric speakers ?.
Laptop RTC battery
Flexitimer bug
Shaded pole motor as current transformer
C code: int16 or INT16 for portability?
PIC fractional multiplication
Question about CCTV cameras
Old Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC Battery
More on antennae...
Ballast transformer?
PIC32 TCP Stack
Configurable analogue chips?
PIC confusion
Archive through 03 February, 2011
Simple RC Low Pass Filter
Look before you leap
DC Offset
Multiplication with PIC 16f886
Algorithm for FIR filters
What's this?
Wanted: any old Research Machines stuff
Computer fan as anemometer
CMOS oscillator problem
RCA connector
Red Plastic Display Filters
Sleepless - Lissajous
Non-polarised electrolytics
Spice models
Deciphering thermal resistance parameters
Quiet Motors
C#/Visual studio add-ons?
CMOS oscillator problem
PC Direct Marketing
Post Christmas Wind
Microchip's TCPIP Stack
Date Suffix in PIC eg: 21st ...
Re Externet "Abolish the deciBel !"
Water pipe tracing
Hope HP03S Barometer Module to 16F886 problem
Archive through 20 January, 2011
Adding a number to a variable in PIC.
Negative feedback
4-line LCD Mystery
Electric recliner chairs
Owl Energy Monitor
Reaction Timer EPE June 1998
Fractional Gain
LED astray
Push pull driver
Antenna spacing
Lumen confusion
Noisy battery?
Railpower problem
CMOS Logic problem
MOSFETS and a really dumb question....
PIC won't run
Window 7
Altera CPLD dev board
My amplifier does not amplify or oscillate
Lm358 amp
Happy New Year
Molex KK connectors
New thread on "Anything Else! !
Splitting audio signals
DAB receiver modules
Archive through 08 December, 2012
PCB Artwork July missing
SMPSU inductor calc utils.
Mains detection
MPLAB SIM (Stimulus)
Capacitor stew - part II - Ceramic discs
SPI working in a 18F452 but not in a 18F4520
MCP4822 fried - possible reason (?)
Tant cap - postive terminal, which one?
Working with smd.
Prior knowledge required to understand this
VA specs for CT transformer
Broadband speed.
Potentiometer question
Seems old postings have returned # Hacking...
Keeping you informed: updates to EPE Online
Bench Power Supply
A poorly HP Printer
Change WiB time
18F27J53 programming
2012 Stupidity Awards
Christmas Project WIB Camera
Programming dsPIC33FJ128GP802
Archive through 08 November, 2012
Mystery Sound
Nice GP Op amps?
RF alarm signal indicator
Black-ice alert.
Crystal Loading Capacitors
Files for Dec 2012 articles
When to use a bridge rectifier.
WIB Authentication
60 or 100 MHz ATTEN scope
WIB Time Module addon
USB problem
Eagle PCB
Technical tips
Online issue
Shift register weirdness
DC Motor Cable Sizing
Solar, NiCd. Zener?
Dearman engine
Pic n Mix Waveplayer
Specs - typical and maximum - what to use?
Li-Ion charging problem
WIB network time
Soldering Iron: Duratool vs Antex
New Member
Hobby Electronics
UN3091, lithiun batteries and transportation
Archive through 12 October, 2012
A Response from EPE - what's this all about then?
Heater control repair
Circuit Wizard Question: Audio Output
The deleted Pic n mix thread
Pic n Mix Missing again again (MkII)
A Response from EPE
Anyone want some Atmel "AT90USB646/647" chips?
PIC Big Digit Displays
Graphic display tutorial?
Early effect
Power and references
Battery health assessment
C Compiler error
3 stage 12V charger circuit.
Forward biased varactor/varicap
Farnell or CPC order?
Problems with circuit
Questions about a relay
Odd request - I need a couple of SMD resistors this weeke...
EPE site hacked???
Petition to ARW: Dedicated page for (Recycled wants and E...
Hitting the Wall with PIC Programming
Apple / Android Ruling
Archive through 08 September, 2012
Hearing loop articles
Battery Discharge Monitor
A very good C tutorial
S/PDIF to TOSLINK Converter
Laptop PSU query
A toast...
How to choose a pic programmer ?
RIP for the Man on the Moon
Audio caps
Wot happened to the TVs then?
MPLAB - adding files
Maddest landing yet?
Automatic lights on, on cars
PIC 18F family - Actual use of WCOL flag (SSPCON1,7)
Defunct telly
SMD soldering repair
Bicycle dynamo power curve.
What's a "LED fluorescent bulb"
Very strange error message
Online issue September errors.
Solar Panels
DIY E Reader
Full sceen chat zone
Tasm to Mplabs
Archive through 04 August, 2012
Happy 50th birthday RS232
TMR0 & interupts on PIC16F84
WIB web pages
Blarsts from the parst
Precision Potentiometer July12
TTI I-prober 520 Current Tracing...
GPS Car Computer - EPE Jan 2012
WIB Boot Up Problem
Online issue August errors?
"Water Repelling Electronics" - July 2012
Nand Chip Grounding Unused pins.
DC Motor controller
Stun gun HV transformer.
Long tail pair - output offset compensation
Another WiB Design
Soldering Iron
Serial connection problem
Interface Article, EPE August 2012.
Why am I poking my pliers into that light bulb socket?
UK site for audio related stuff
Pic n Mix Wav Player mod
Archive through 27 June, 2012
Replacement Light Sensor for iPhone 4
PIC16F88 comparator problem
Why me?
Capacitors and capacitance query
Voltage Divider for the Soundcard Oscilloscope.
2 x 16 lcd display problem
IPv6 fun and games
Capacitor ESR
Magnet in conductive media...
Battery internal resistance
My new WAV playing machine
Relay delay circuits
PIC A/D speed
How does this water sensor works ?
Thermistor problem?
SD card "chip"
Are transistors "bi-directional" devices?
"Stale" Bread (Maker) !
Skin effect
WIB web pages
Transistors - faked or failed ones?
WIB Build Tool Not Found
Current transformer
WIB 1155 error
Archive through 24 May, 2012
UHF Tuning Wand
Subscribing to the EPE on-line magazine
Etchant Heater
Dimmer - noisy bulbs
Central heating boiler repair
Someone's lucky day.
Windspeed meter(2003-01)
Wind speed meter (EPE 2003-01)
Wind speed meter (EPE 2003-01)
Windspeed meter(2003-01)
Windspeed meter 2003-01
Windspeed meter 2003-01
Asm file & ckt description(Windspeed meter 2003-01)...
Thanks for Pickit 2 advice.
Micro wake up call.
Pickit 2 microproject
D-Link PSU Insulation.
LCD Displays
50 watt guitar amp project
Motor Starting Capacitor rating query
Pic n' Mix GPS Project
Broadband speed
June 2012 files
Steel wire question.
Lighting LEDs?
What design software does EPE mag use?
MPLAB IDE beginner help
Simple Laser Gun Sound Effect
APD switchmode PSU FP-5030B-60C
Photo pcb - different exposure times?
Archive through 29 April, 2012
A/D accuracy on PICs
WIB Compile Error
PCB Making,Advice req' please
Orange livebox wifi thingie
EPE April edition not available yet.
PCB Manufacturer advice sought
EPE online website
Noisy 74HC14 Help
Current direction
PIC16f84 timing loop
Rotten sensor
Zero hysteresis comparators
Solar-Powered Lighting Controller, EPE MAY
RIP Marshall
Triac Driving - EPE MAY 2012
Site of the day on eeweb
New Microchip C Compiler
Design Help, Voltage Amplification
PDF conversion for kindle
Coin cell danger to kids
WIB User password(s)
Archive through 30 March, 2012
WIB analog ports
WIB Access from Internet
EHT Stick - Dangerous
Am-Dram or Halloween.
Questions about class AB amps / output buffers
Educational Board Game
The WIB has a knowledge Wiki
WIB Current Consumption Query
Raspberry PI
WIB serial
C tutorial
EPE mag digital edition
Help with TMR2 on clock program
Failed PC amps
Usung the pc as an instrument
Operating temperature
Raspberry Pi and EPE
Raspberry Pi and Linux
PCB Problem
LM386 - Twin T oscillator not working
SP0256 speech chip with external ROM
File not found on WIB
Any wireless module experts out there?
Archive through 02 March, 2012
Crystal frequency pulling
WIB hardware and software improvements
SMPS ( again )
Old uWave transformers
WIB Dictionary attack?
The power of magnets
No 1% resistors available
EMC and filters
Electronics on Radio 4
Where & how to block DC?
C code for PIC
PLC programming
WIB - The World is not Enough
The core became a magnet
Franklin's kite
Current cost ad WIB
March Issue - Can't access P26
Late WIB implementation
Electronics courses - Circuits and Electronics
Audio input to I/O on PIC
Can anyone read Japanese?
I want to make a soil moisture sensor with your help, ple...
+/- 33V outputs - What opamp to use?
Implementing demodulation in a different way
5v 1A SMPS Plugtop
Archive through 09 February, 2012
DsPIC33f programmer
"Future Proof" colour OLED?
How to measure capacity of a lead acid battery precisely ?
Scart problems
MFD Andy Flynd 1995
Pic n' Mix March Issue
Re: Everyday Electronics Dec 1979
Re: Studio Headphone Amplifier March 2008
John Becker's Dual PSU
Setting up a home XP based network
Geiger Counter tube
PIC assembler problem
MOSFET turn-off time
WIB SMTP Workaround!
WIB PCB - no holes in the pads
Wav player - increasing the output...
Free software to draw flow charts
MPASM problem
MOSFET turn-off
Speed control
Bargraph display
Press-n-Peel pcb making advice pls?
Triac driving
Talking of Rapid Electronics
Archive through 25 January, 2012
Mpasm error 151
C30 compiler: 'far' parameters
Movement detection
NEW Li-Ion battery thread
SMPS ideas needed
How do I use a second LCD?
Working circuit crystal oscillator with CMOS inv 10MHz
Hameg 203 Scope Handle Cover?
WIB dns problems
WIB Websites - do you have one?
Sounder required
C# mimic display
Electric chair safety
Breadboard 5v PSU PCBs
Li-ion Battery/Cell replacements
WIB - Building the source for the bigger dsPIC33FJ128GP802
Stripboard layout software.
Using a Variable for Port address, PIC
WIB - SD Card Socket
Wav player - max card size?
Pico scopes - What do you think?
Thermal Conductivity of Blu-tack
Bell wire, ADSL and all that stuff...
Drilling size in Veroboard - stripboard
Archive through 13 January, 2012
What drill for PCB drilling
Developing and etching PCBs
Aircraft Servo Motors
FIFO memory
WIB - Alternative SD connector
Most useful IC of 2011
WIB clock frequency
LI-ion cells-one more time
Buffering high speed data
WIB - a few questions please - thank you- full details i...
Help with WIB again - please
Installer for Microchip C30 compiler V3.20 - do you have ...
Cheap zero cross for firing traic
Do you want a laugh
433 Mhz AM Radio Modules
Keys and buttons, are they doomed?
WIB RJ45 jack
LED Ammeter
Soldering iron question
Soldering iron question
Picstart Plus working OK for years and then...
Electronics - A Perverse & Vindictive Mistress!
EPE Fruit Machine
Have a Good One
Power Supply Problem
Changing HEX format in MPLAB ver 8.883 is possible?
Archive through 21 December, 2011
Fish bite
Hall effect sensor
GPS Car Computer
Li-Ion Cells
More on Li-ion
Wav Player - some questions?
GPS Car Computer 5v regulator - use 7805?
Which 18 pin PIC ?
Earth bonding
USB Programmer
Code Beautifier
Battery charger
Advice on favoured PIC development board sought
Room temperature and power usage system for WIB
WIB Programming help req
WIB board construction
MAC Chip for WIB
Pictures from my scope
Microchip AN 900 V/F control AC Motor
Advice re oscilloscope choice for automotive diagnostics?
PIC32 Arduio - like development board
MAC chip for WIB
Free delivery from Rapid in the UK
WIB - compile error
Zero crossing detection
Archive through 06 December, 2011
Wien bridge design
Building a Short Wave Radio
Digital Capacitor Leakage Meter
Inductive load voltage spike supression query
Further power supply problem
Meter with Current Clamp
433MHZ AM Radio Modules
ENC28J60 with thin Ethernet
Power Supply Problem
Car battery charging via cigarette lighter?
LPF_10_998-12791 remodeled
Eagle - Names - Numbering
Voice Pitch Changer
Eagle - starting - libraries
Tunnel Heaters
Electricity supply failure
LMF100 as a variable fitler - trying to smooth the output
PIC programing Timing Loop
Repair SMPS
Trying to improve an active LPF
Soldering question
Need soldering station element
Interpreting transistor date codes.
Back Issues - having a clear out
Power Mosfets
Archive through 08 November, 2011
PCB manufacture
What clock frequency for a certain baud rate?
Power Supply Wiring Colour Convention
6 digit GPS clock and em 408 driver
LMF 100 - Mode 3 - design calculation
Kenwood service manual
PCB exposure problem, possibly UV lights
EPE speach synth
Pic intruder alarm pcb
Voice repeater using eprom
Reflow oven
16F877 questions
SMD Footprints
Ribbon cable
Please ... Help needed with 7805 regulator lwo voltage.
Feb 11 Photoflash project
Pickit2 problem
Highest frequency with 0 dB attenuation point?
Motor starting capacitor question
Optical fiber
Calculating the DC value of pulse waveform
Laser diodes
Surge protectors
TK3 coding
Archive through 02 October, 2011
Useful Website
PCB drawing
Pickit2 starter kit
TK3 Assembly Codo
Any New Teach In
Time delay on AC relay
MPLABS, (or my), glitch
Filter design utilities
Genius G540 programmer
Talking Multimeter
Interfacing laptop
Video game in a box - open source electronics
Need help on new project.
2 -sided PCB - general routing Q
Modifying 16F84A code for 16F628A
Everyday Practical Electronics ???
Outside thermometer, large bright readout.
Epsom Photo750 ink cartridges
Fuse as current shunt...
Digital Hash
Sensirion SHT11 - No marking
Resolution of an audio generator
Reverse polarity protection
Translate pdf
Archive through 04 September, 2011
Errant RCD...
GPS SIRF STAR Regular Output Data Refresh?
Question for Electricians
Air conditioner pump speed control
Wre stripper
Gold fingers on PCBs
Laws on electrical safety
Low Voltage NiMH Cells
Losing my mind (I know it's here somewhere)
Megger style insulation tester
TV Sound problem
Good programming forum
SD Card Music & Speech Recorder/Player
MPLAB SIM - Stimulus
PIC to LCD speed
PICkit unreliable
Rubber degradation
Re programmed PIC 18LF2520
Broken engine temparature sensor replacement.
PIR lights
Cutting switch slots in plastic boxes.
Computer Audio Problem
Camera protection
Earthing washers
6mm coil formers
Archive through 25 December, 2013
Christmas day - avoidance measures
LED replacement lamps (2)
Stepper Motor
Graphic LCD display
For Sale: Ono Sokki CF3200 Spectrum Analyzer
Graphic LCDs - useful tool
Network - Homeplug devices interference
Mobile phone screen repair
Has anybody else had problems with green plastic Omeg pots?
Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Digital TVI
Assumption is the mother and father of all mistakes?
LED replacement lamps
PV panels etc
Learing sommat new every day.
Help needed with pcb design
Transformer de-rating for battery charger application
PIC emulation - Another Lesson
Laminated or toroidal transformer ? that is the question
PIC emulation - another lesson!
Excel 2013 and floating toolbars
DDS Sine and Square Wave Generator
Securing smd components
VBA copying picture fm Image ctrol to Image ctrol in diff...
"Treasure" Chest or Tat collection.
Archive through 21 November, 2013
GPS / MSF Time Sync for PC System Clock
Microwave woes
Gluing wires to a PCB - Suggestions for a good glue.
How green is your valley; how red is your face!
How green is your valley; how red is your face?
How is power mains in UK?
Anyone looking for a new bench power supply? ..again
Removing (Digital) Noise
VBA rewrite textbox with former value.
Halloween howler code
PCB manufacturers
Geeky Products
Motorway information signs
Laminated or toroidal transformer ? that is the question
Alternative to construction-LTspice
24V Relay
Excel app. to run with same macros in three PCs
Printer leads giving away - You pay postage only.
Target 3001 - is it really as bad as it seems?
Stuff I used to build.
New challenger to PI?
Pocket Metal Detector from 1970's
Old laptop PSUs
Anomalous behaviour of 555
Hard drives
Archive through 09 October, 2013
VBE left-click with / without CTRL pressed down
Latest Windows 7 upgrade
PLC's (Programmabe Logic Controllers)
"extern" keyword used with string arrays
Enumerate USB --> 500mA
Cable current safety margin ?
Question about chokes
Audio Isolation Transformer question
Anyone looking for a new bench power supply?
Lua interpreter for PIC32
School Project (1)
PC Oscilloscopes
PE Champ articles from the 70's
PIC Timer Help
Difference for coils as current sensors ?
VBE - What that "False" means in this code?
My IR zapper for a Packard Bell dvd
JK Bistable Simulation Problem? (Circuit wizard)
The Ultimate Machine
Anyone here bought a 3D printer
VBE variables initialized at the start
PICkit3 Lessons Error
Values ranging from 0 to 255 in Excel's cells to bytes in...
Values ranging from 0 to 255 through Hyperterminal
Archive through 27 August, 2013
My posting re lc filters mis-sent
LC Filters
My posting re lc filters mis-sent
Basic USB application to transfer batches of 128 bytes in...
New Job Help
Relay coil suppression diode?
Number rounding
Headphone sensitivity
Laser Lichen
Blackberry 7290 screen
Divider question.
Audio Jitter
Wind-up torch
Mini Reg Adjustable Regulator
Level and edge triggered 74HC 573 / 574
Charging a caravan battery
Ann: new PDF version for Windows
WAV player mission creep.
Library function C - Scanf
Lidl/Tronic T4X battery charger.
Safely disposing of ferric chloride, in pictures
Troubles with Internet connection
"silicon solderable"
Archive through 14 July, 2013
PS/2 protocol timing diagram
LED cube - basics of timing /frequencies
Ann: EPE printed circuit boards and artwork availability
How do I test a tranformer
A box of fun :-)...
Old drives
Semtest almost ready!! but.....
PICs- writing initial EEPROM values
PICkit3 scripting GUI
Pager cct
PCB Etching
SLA float charge
Low Capacitance Adaptor Jan. 2013
Inginuity unlimited.
Pinout of ATL A2188
Pinout of PS/2 connector
Interference filter
Proper PCB :-)...
EPE USB Data Logger
Capacitor codes
Commodore PET / CBM
Re: Digital Spirit Level 2013
Something fishy here...
PIC loading indication.
Mathematical symbols
Loft FM aerial: Dipole?
Archive through 28 May, 2013
I invented the...
My micro is conversant with the PS/2 protocol
Manchester Encoding with PIC
Cabling for RS232
Could anyone rephrase this text?
Speed control mower motor ???
PCB laminate supplies
Neon Lamp Fun
LCD speed
Ferrite core bobbins
C Compiler
Anyone tried the WIB design with latest TCPIP stack?
Li-ion charging
XKM12232D LCD info
AVR Programmer
Lichfield Electronics ?
IC in a PS2 optical mouse
Sure pickit2 clone
Audio Mixers
NTC Thermistor as Fuel Level Sensor
Optical rotary encoders and Schmitt triggers
Where do you buy your OLED displays?
Q abut programming PIC
Archive through 11 April, 2013
WIB boot speed
TV repair
Uninteruptable Power Supply
Universal USB Data Logger
MPLAB wont recognise 'START' label
Digitial Spirit Level - March 2013 Edition
SMD Pin headers like this - where?
Project help
"Universal" charger
Failing memory
Q about battery charge/disharge
Rotary encoders and PIC
Troubles with the LM2917
PICkit 3
Lighning Detector Sensitivity (March 2013)
Faster mplabX
Programs on pc
Ti Launchpad
PC file backup
High side driver chip
Handy tips
PIC problem ANDWF function 'not working'!
Archive through 18 March, 2013
DNS dont understand
Wire connector cap thingy?
Why Aerial?
Local Network
Analog Devices - Packages - BXL
Wanted - Sure-Fire XTAL Oscillator
Neat idea for LED driving
Siglent SDG 1025 as RF generator
Video signal conversion?
WIB SD card corruption
Suspend a cable?
SPI camera module?
Old EPE amgazines
NE602 - Calculating input bandpass filter
Old electronic keyboard projects.
....... phew ..... missed ......
Soldering aluminium
Electronics maths.
Generic PIC Prototyping board
How to calculate + - 250 on a PIC ?
Re: Sound generator (fire crackling)
MB102 Breadboard PSU on Ebay
Citroen C5 Audio System
LCD Info
Multichannel Transmission System
Archive through 12 February, 2013
What is this component?
Help getting front panels produced please.
Digital Spirit Level Feb 2013 - Software & PCB? (& PCB 88...
Arduino beginners (and experts) may like these.
Jump start Feb 2013
Varicap use - Is this correct?
Interesting Arduino alternative
One wire interface
Baffled ,as usual
Upload attach + PITA!
Lets try again without profile picture.............
Solar power
Nacom PIC :-)
Time to move on from PIC?
Source codes for EPE projects
Wedding congratulations to Rev. Thomas Scarborough
Source for FML Flourescent Tubes
PID control
Help needed reading new electronic format
For information only - EPE source code URL
Matched FETs
Cellphone vibrator blues
1-off PCBs
A Sawtooth and GBP.
Charging Li-ion
Using the stereo compressor with a TV
Archive through 04 January, 2013
Current Sensing Circuit
Wireless router antenna remote positioning
RF alarm signal indicator
JFET Testing
MC33072 - Am I exceeding something?
Merry Christmas
Opto "Terminal Capacitance" & "Floating Capacitance"...
Service (not User) Manual - TRIO scope CS-1562A
Q about supercapacitors
Master-Slave J K Flip Flops.
Repairing X-ray machine
Cross sectional area of mains wire
Old apples don't rot
Measuring a PCB loop antenna inductance
Scope, is it lying? Why and how?
PCB Files (PDF)
Shuttle Query
My super new Mo-Dem
Battery connector
Is your spectrum ULA toast?
PCBs for January 2013
Mini tuning capacitors
EPE website
Archive through 31 January, 2015
Judging the output of a filter - FFT
Obsolete component data
Anyone know how to join thermocouples?
Casio keyboard misi interface
LTSpice - chime's ding simulation
Chat Zone running again
PIC Clock speed.
Boiler Management Unit
Eagle ver 6.3 - how to clear vias?
Large Ladybird - now finished
Pic-n-mix - driving graphical LCDs from a PIC
Polar graph/plot
Outputing file to USB stick from PIC
Door Protector
Video over Fibre Optic Cable again
Binatone Video Game
Voltage Regulator
Merry Christmas!
PIC Assembler - what does this mean?
IF Coils
GSM autodialler
Archive through 15 December, 2014
74LS Series Question.
Interrupt Handling
Supercapacitor Fun
Correct debouncing in interrupt (was 16f690 problems)...
NASA space launch Orion test flight today
PDF Magazine January edition
Power supply efficiency
PIC16f1827 interrupt on change problems
PIC16f690 interrupt problems
Current sources for load referred to ground.
Genius speakers set for PC - SJ2025 audio amp
Micron Clock?
Edison Screw dimensions
Inverter problem
Poweliks Trojan alert
LED filter
16F690 programming problem
LM2576 - Worth to download the updated datasheet
Dublin Science Hack Day
P-channel enhancement mode vertical DMOS and my sanity
Rosetta Commet Landing
What exactly are MMC capacitors? (SiDRADIO, EPE Oct 2014)...
The frequency counter published months ago.
Archive through 07 November, 2014
Ancient integrated circuit.
Crushed camera disassembled
Portapal-D Project (EPE Dec 2014).
PIC timing for lunar day
Disabling FTDI chips
Radio Controlled Clock Project.
How many turns for a full stroke?
Fuses in pos and neg feeds
High Power, High Voltage Op-Amps for sale
Erratic PC Startup - PSU?
Practically Speaking.
Internal pulls up an downs resistors in arduino and attin...
Practically Speaking.
Tying it all together
I need some help with the LED Ladybird
Triacs control board - Is this circuit correct?
Negative ion generator - how it works?
Designspark PCB Symbols
Digital Voltmeter question
EPE Icebreaker and MPLab Versions
End is "nigh-er" for conventional parts
New kickstarter for a tiny LPLC board
Rugged Battery Charger (EPE 05/2014)
Superb upgrade to PIC16LF1704
Tek 475 sweep fault (triangle shown !)
PicNMix development boards
Archive through 02 October, 2014
Configuration bit ERROR
Are they LEDs?
Electronic test & lab equipment for sale
Accurate method of Linear motion control required
"Tiny Tim" Speaker System - possible kit supplier
PIC'N'MIX Problem LPLC SPI Display
Pic timed delay
PICKIT3 Problem
Selling some CPLD/FPGA dev kit
LPLC and the 5V LCD
HMV model 481 (from 1936)
LED lights keep dying, ideas?
Nicad Charger Issues
"Screencast" for PicNMix created - feedback requested...
US voltage converter
Liquid level detection
Negative photo-resist removal.
Dip Meter
ORP12 RoHS status.
Nicad Batteries
Killing 50Hz noise...
Never trust a Saint
Good Audio Power Tr's for sale
Hobbyists take over a Nasa Satellite
ERRATA Timer For Fans And Lights (November 2013)
Archive through 04 August, 2014
Help my FETs keep dying!
Help! Parasitic Oscillating Voltage Regulator
LPLC boards available for sale
Customer Feedback
GPS module for a new Camarawatch?
Dublin Maker Faire 2014
Directional microphone - slowly moving ahead
USB memory sticks
Making PCB's
LPLC Template Code problem (?)
Soldering versus spade terminals
VHF glowing FET
Kick starter PIC n mix
Li-ion cell construction
PCBirdies on a PIC12F629
Kindle Introduction to Gas Soldering Irons on promotion
High current, low voltage
40% off PicKit3 from Microchip Direct
PICKit2 or 3?
Tinted Infrared LEDs/Photodiodes
Sensing a magnet in motion
Beefing up a PIC i/o pin.
MPLAB Harmony
RF impedance matching
Helping Hands and Magnifier
Archive through 10 June, 2014
Faulty hardrive
Cheap component tester
Spice question
Microphone Amp.
LEDs from bulbs the 'easy ' way
Internet without phone-line or cable
Analog multiplier - wrong simulation or circuit flaw?
Why would I *not* want an "audio" op-amp for GP use?...
Photo isolator interface
Humax PVR 9300T
ZigBee - is it worth to learn about?
Li battery protection
Car battery
Ethernet Hubs (not switches)
8051 family tutorials or projects
Atlas LCR meter
Crimp tool
Transmitter PA
Aluminium foil as AC hum shield
PIC16F1789 Interrupt problems.
Run Python on a PIC?
Serial I/O controller & analogue sampler
Calor gas Gauge
RFID at 125kHz as cat door?
EPE May Edition.
Archive through 16 April, 2014
How to measure high temperatrures
Si570 144MHz
Electret mike - connection to plug
Setup to test a filter
Kickstarter - Arduino Screw-block Proto Shield
Circuit simulation
Insulating materials
Pre + filter + amp - Assorted questions
Components salvage session - comments
Counter with prescaler.
Failed Dell battery charging
Laptop battery cells
Table for driving bipolar stepper motor
Serial and I2C communications software download
PicNMix PIC18F board, wrong IC socket
Jacaob's Ladder (April 2014) - Ignition coil source?...
Voice Recognition using 8051/AT89C51
More weird light bulb stuff
SMPS repair
A couple of PIC16F84 queries
New Scope ???
(nearly) noiseless cable
Universal state-variable filters
Pic 'n Mix Project January 2014 - Advice please
Digital sound effects module
Allegro ACS758 current sensors
Archive through 10 March, 2014
UK: Home Bargains LED GU10 bulb.
Oscillator for FM Transmitter
Ethernet with PICs
Date & Time stamp?
The restart project
Earphones/headphones from the junkbox
WG12232 Graphic LCD
WG12232 Graphics LCD
25 MHz canned oscillator
Ferrograph message sign
HP C7280 All-in-one Printer Error
Toroid question
Distorting Data Thruput on Cat5 cable
Inductance measurement
SPI - SDI pin really available?
A hidden nasty
What projects are you planning to build this year?
Breadboard wiring - neatest and tidiest ever
GND pin in USB to TTL
EPE USB Multi Instrument Interface December 2013 Issue
Old cable and voltage drop
PicoScope Output - Is this 'normal'
Custom-made PIC dev board, Jan 2014 issue PCB
Filter design software
/CE hardwired to GND - EEPROM
VisualTFT from MakroElektronika
Archive through 26 January, 2014
Induction motors
Free MPLAB® XC32++ Compiler
PIC interrupts very basic question
Cutting rectangular holes in Aluminum boxes
RE;Morse reader September 2002 by John Becker
Switchable constant current source
CNC machine for home pcbs
Second Breakdown (in bipolar transistors, not me :-)...
Understanding MOSFETs
Power supply repair
Flyback power supply issues
Transformer winding
Need another wired internet connection?
Z-Axis conductive tape
Microstick II dev board
Unknown 433MHz tx/rx module
Double buffered data latch - parallel input
Slow connection
Inverter repair
Odometer & trip meter
Laser diodes
Hantek 6022BE PC Based USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2...
Using the Si570
Analog or digital filtering?
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