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"Electronics" as a business enterprise
Bargain starter kits for kids
Replacement "electric magnetic" switch (FERM pillar drill...
Irony? Rest assured, life can provide some.
Is there a good Sketchup tutorial?
Excel query anybody
Free - Dell D500 Laptop
Dell laptop
IPad to printer connection
Archive through 02 October, 2016
Stealth destroyer
Hot Beans Sep 2016
The irony
Image Formatting problem.
Lcd display/lcd module,e-paper display
Archive through 21 March, 2016
Free Windows 10 --> DVD?
W7 Home Pro - ALT+Backspace ?
New property - wiring details
Seasons Greetings
Gerald Touch Lamp Spares
Archive through 10 December, 2015
A natural clock
Should I upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10?
Mains In-rush issue with SMPS
Vehicle Sat Navs
Looking to learn hot air soldering
Archive through 08 July, 2015
Programming questions
Modify a domestic smoke detector?
Car battery "boost start" units vs jump-start
Firefighters ladders
UPVC Sealant
Archive through 03 April, 2015
MIT enters the game? Overunity after all?
Good OBD?
Good reading
Letter to the user
Macro pictures with common point & shoot cameras
Archive through 02 November, 2014
The best e-reader?
When in UK - Renewed feeling
A conundrum!
IE8 vs. Firefox experiences.
SDS->Jacobs !!---!!--->Hammer
Archive through 01 August, 2014
Peltier modules
Homebrew slide copier
EPE files
Traveling soon - questions
Password setting
Archive through 14 July, 2014
Five more days
Looking for a glue for this material
Too much "stuff"...
Any amount or just five?
Power plants - cost of keeping them running
Archive through 07 May, 2014
What to do with old monitors
Are we allowd to sell kit here?
Jumpy Legs
Required fitting to mount something on a tripod
Jumpy legs
DIY slide copier
Archive through 19 March, 2014
Firefox - suffering is over
What's their actual name?
Magic copper plate
Magic Copper Plate 2nd pic
Nails and covers
Archive through 21 January, 2014
Hope for a change
How you say?
Cheap GPS Module
Improve your hi-fi...
Last Friday I got my Christmas present
Archive through 18 November, 2013
Haversack vs backpack
Hifi Indeed! More Chinglish....
EPE Magazine in the new pdf format
Product 768_1 pain
Windows Explorer Options
Archive through 06 October, 2013
Backup shceme. Ambitious, I know...
Comma required or not?
Hob: Halogen or induction?
Photographic Projct
Archive through 26 August, 2013
"electric water valve Y"
New online magazine format
Pocketmags Offline Reader

Job humour
Jumping legs
Archive through 24 June, 2013
Windows 7 Update repeatedly, silently fails
Testing testing
CE marking
A practical / realistic Engineer
Libre Office, Equation add-on? + E-Pen
Archive through 10 May, 2013
Run across this in a museum
Can anyone tell me...
TENS box useage
WinXP+Firefox in 3 computers - Inconsistent behavior
Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges going spare...
Archive through 14 April, 2013
Audio streaming - (Very) basic questions
The lute players, where do they sit?
Experimental work - formulas as the outcome
Electronic-Hardware Frustration !
Aldi Cree torch
Archive through 29 November, 2012
Interesting reading
Thank You, Mike
Excel: All cells dependent - but allow input
"Dare Trading" incident
Archive through 22 October, 2012
Hidden Universe, Body-wise...
How free is Skype?
Decode PDF
Electromagnetic field screen
Fridge seal -pricy but worth it ???
Archive through 14 August, 2012
"Stuff" disposal
MS Word "negated arrow" (does not imply)
Light fitting name?
Archive through 21 July, 2012
Windows Vista Update Error
E-Bay Test Equipment Madness
Downloading SD cards
Anybody on the CZ living in Germany...
Archive through 01 June, 2012
Universal mains socket. Or is it?
Wide-spread writings
Card security
Windows OEM license
Murphy's Law
Archive through 03 April, 2012
Good site for radio online
Lake Vostok
European Space Agency - Vega launch
Eveyday Electronics
Right-Angle Chucks
Archive through 08 January, 2012
To anyone in USA
Burning Water
Colouring epoxy
Delphi 7 Pro or Enterprise
Cancelling email notifications to specific topics
Speed of Light is in doubt... Fast Forward Future
Archive through 27 September, 2011
DC cable fault tracer using ultrasonic
There is life out there (well electronic life anyway)...
How can i make Linear Motor track
Canon iP4300 - where to buy new?
Archive through 26 August, 2011
How do you understand this title?
How does a 'Freezer Mat' work?
Microchip ICD 3s for sale
Terrible experience. What you would do in this case?
Archive through 23 June, 2011
Kinetic energy.
Who will be the first?
Osram video light bulb source ?
Domain retention
Trace image edge --> Bezier curve
Archive through 02 June, 2011
Taking pictures - you can learn something here
Where is Thomas Scarborough?
Peter Hemsley routines - Where are they?
Uninstalling AVG (Free edition)
Installed Opera 11
Archive through 02 April, 2011
HP PC Problem
File recovery
MS Word - Program Code != spelling mistake!
Halogen Oven FAIL!
Archive through 17 March, 2011
Reinstalling Win XP SP3
I am going to stop posting in EPE Chat Zone.
If you are online now. 16:00 GMT. Watch this...
Elektor back copies
Possible correction in EPE March 2011 Net Work
Archive through 29 January, 2011
Excel - increase value at mouse click
Air compressor - Assorted questions
Nerd porn for the over 40's
Repairs & maintenance or...
Standard analog servos able to rotate 180º
Archive through 06 January, 2011
"Song of Reproduction"
Wish I was the designer
Repeating a drilling scheme
Vocabulary problems
(Gyro) strength Ball
Archive through 27 December, 2010
A Ronnie...
Fizzy drinks
Why? How to avoid it?
M/S Works Templates
What is "skip ratting "?
Archive through 01 November, 2010
Saw this on Ebay... anybody upto the challange
Beware double-hyphenated domain scam emails
Wi Fi with Win Me
Chatzone CGI processing
Frequently burning bulbs
Archive through 04 September, 2010
The fullerene animation in Google today
Carbon dioxide
LA160 Logic Analyser - Needs a good home
PIC ICEBREAKER needs a home
Wanted: Research Machines 480Z software
Archive through 02 August, 2010
Different prices for the same IC ?!!
Switch assembly for HONDA HRE 330 lawnmower
Bag of old germanium transistors
Red lights - name
TS-8123 Storagescope... needs a good home
Archive through 20 July, 2010
Babbage and Lovelace, Albion 1849
Pairs of values - finding their relationship
Brand new FOB price: 1.650.000 USD
Archive through 13 June, 2010
Looking for a teleprinter / teletype
XP laptop home
John Williams.
3D Illusion
Missing/duplicate pages - online version
Archive through 23 April, 2010
Logic Analyser
Micro blowing
Energy Efficient Lamps - "Ban The Bulb"
Ex BT engineer caught tapping phones
Archive through 18 March, 2010
Helpful guy
"Avatar" 3-D?
Paul Robeson
Broom broom
Archive through 26 January, 2010
Very bizarre code bug turned out to be an IDE bug!
Dilema! PDF or Print?
MSE antivirus anyone?
Happy 2010
Could you give the English names?
Archive through 15 December, 2009
Oscilloscope for sale
Making room in my hard disk - Win XP
Gammon Flu
Where do instrument companies make their sales?
Archive through 31 October, 2009
Mobile Internet
Beware: The new telephone 'scam' has arrived.
Time for a new joke
Gallium **senide
PC turned on with wrong date/time
Archive through 15 September, 2009
Pioneers of computing - in cartoon form
Coin pinpointers ....
The unseen singer.
House Clearance!
Paper jet engine
Archive through 18 August, 2009
Making a movie - Scope screen
Too large?
Taking pictures from a screen
Ecopromotion free bulbs
Sad news
Archive through 11 June, 2009
Reading EPE Electronically - Sony E Reader
Teach-In 2008
Light Emitting Sheep
Free on line training
Archive through 30 March, 2009
Hola Thomas in SA!
Software downloads via US site
Wind Powered Generator
Mouse scrolling wheel acting strange
Archive through 01 March, 2009
Amazing what you find in an old VCR
Glass brush danger
A sign of our times
C# - Basic template - Program organization
Downloading smileys
Archive through 10 January, 2009
C# - Delays using Console
C# handling properties
Microwave cooking dangers?
Download managers
C# handling files - What classes/methods to choose?
Archive through 23 November, 2008
Is the December issue online yet?
EPE TK3 Problem
GPS to PIC 16f877A
I want one!
Outlook Express - Wrong setting or malfunctioning?
Archive through 11 November, 2008
Pigeon Clusters
Revolving icons...
Emergency door!
Ratting/salvage of bits
EPE online site problem
Archive through 22 October, 2008
How safe is IT now?
UK web site on
CFL UV warning
Pic programming
Standby generators
Archive through 03 October, 2008
My frustration in trying to learn C#
Maplin - Orpington
Something else to know about?
How long does it take to process a subscription?
Generator power?
Archive through 09 August, 2008
Simple Sound Effect Device - Looking For Freelancer
Speedometer & RPM indicator failing
Saving and handling part of my emails
ECO-unfriendly Osram
To John Howarth - renaming files
Archive through 25 July, 2008
Phone MMS/EMAIL Problem
Installation of a mains UPS
Gadget for treating acne
Help needed re semi-dead PC
Excel basics - COUNT.IF does apply here?
Archive through 26 June, 2008
Global warming etc
"Green" electricity
Just wanted to say thanks.
Kid's and electronics
Magnetic fields made visible
Archive through 26 May, 2008
Static electricity
Hour meter for mains supply on hifi
Various questions - Programming
Compare files to solve a mess - My fault.
Mobility Buggy Monitor
Archive through 26 April, 2008
ADSL and some of its problems
Problem Downloading the Magazine
Component ID
Buggy & revised TK3 files on site
PDF Software
Archive through 03 April, 2008
Google for low cost and end=-of-line electronics items
Oscillooscope repair.
Not a technical question., I know.
PIC = Programmable Integrated Circuit
Have you heard this?
Archive through 16 March, 2008
Low cost USB pen drives
Printing parts of April EPE magazine
Photo-voltaic panels?
40khz again
Transducers 40khz
Archive through 07 March, 2008
Pre-IC digital
FTP User name and password
YouTube Video?
X-Box360 - new DVD drive
Archive through 29 February, 2008
Stirling engine CPU cooler
Inductance Formulas
Broken brakeless wind turbine
Win XP - Repeat last command (F3) missing from DOS?
Novel form of energy generation
Archive through 12 February, 2008
Electronics teach-in
Paul Young
Paul Young
Win XP installed
Battery voltages
PIC programmers
Archive through 25 January, 2008
433Mhz transmit module needed
Halogen lamps
RS232 - Hypeteminal and Win XP
Thomas Scarborough??
USW Coil
Archive through 15 January, 2008
Performance of ILP potted amplifiers
I hate my new PC
Minimzing (stupid) mistakes when programming
Wanted .... two Hall effect devices.
New virus threat to windoze
Archive through 12 January, 2008
Long term, lasting back up - CDs, pen drives or...?
I was amused to see in this month's EPE...
Early electronic reminiscences
HDD Help!
Archives' names corrupted in one partition only Win Me
Archive through 08 January, 2008
Happy Christmas
PIC n Mix
Homemade parabolic reflector - Simple recipe anyone?
Archive through 20 December, 2007
Exploding light bulb mystery #2
Do Maplin want to sell anything?
Jaycar - Returns problem
DOS switches & DIR command
Archive through 03 December, 2007
Calendars & day of week calc formula
Win ME - Renaming several files at once
Any reason not to go for Vista now?
Syntax for Append in VB6
Drive bass reflex
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