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Archive through 25 January, 2007
Mains Power Measurement
PIC Digital Geiger Counter
Fibre optic video
Being a dumbo...?
Metal detector , John Becker
Bitscope - Has anybody used one?
The other two sections
TK3 Question
Pic Lcd IM lost
Solder Fume extractor
CD4015B - Pinout trap in the last day of 2006
Low cost 50 MHz counter
Magnetic permablity v's temperature
Gravitational lensing
Relay / Contactor Contact Resistance
RS485 Pic Tutorial
How sensitive a magnetometer ... ?
Robotics and Microsoft
Update to diagram: PIC Geiger Counter
Need PCB layout / board assembly help
Mixing C with assembler
Mains Voltage Fluctuations
Making PCB's using a UV light box
RS232 & Printer Cables
CB Interferance
Archive through 15 January, 2007
New soldering iron: 50W or 80W?
Capacitor Voltage Rating Codes
Electronic Parts Inventory Source
New Source Codes updated
Inductance Query
Visual Basic
SMD footprint library
1Hz - 50 Khz pulse generator - 1 Hz steps - PIC micro
Solder fume extractor < Ł5
Pic programing Tutorials
Pull-up / Pull-down Resistors
Picstart Plus problem
LM334 Data Sheet Hell
Source for bike lamp halogen bulb
How sensitive a magnetometer ... ?
C programming, code size and LCDs
Happy Christmas everyone!
Haynes manuals- the real meaning
Trap for the unwary
Jan '07 Pic'n'Mix code not on FTP?
PIC Water Descaler
Notice About Proton IDE Topic
Power Supplies
Archive through 15 February, 2007
Email gone mad? Or will it be unusable soon?
Ten fingers and base 10 numbering system
Source file path in win xp
Microsoft Windows Vista
Archive through 06 February, 2007
Which PCB CAD prog?
Parallel Port Light Control
Maplin UV light box ... Exposure times.
This puts the Chinese missile test in a very different li...
What is under the sea bed ?
Archive through 01 February, 2007
Cloud height
So you want to be an Electronics Engineer
Wanted ..... 2 x IR2184 or source please.
Intruder alarm improvement and suggestions
For sale and wanted Board.
Archive through 22 January, 2007
My Workshop .... Wireless CCTV event recorders
Intruder alarm improvements and suggestions
Tom Lehrer again
Magazine clearance
Manufacturers' use of relays
Missing Phoneme
Archive through 02 March, 2007
Unused Things?????
Royer Converter
PIC Video Cleaner (EPE February 2000)
Rapid Electronics, Export order problems
PIC16F873 & PIC16F874 "A" Revisions
Attention Mr John Becker.
LC Meter
Bodet "Big Flap" digits
Bluetooth or wireless
Servo driver
Project tip
Pic switching problem!
Polyphonium EPE download
EPE Downloads
Notice: Your Real Email address will now show in PMs
Pic Pseudo random number generator
18F97J60 ethernet PIC
HERESY! using an AVR DRAGON (nearly...)
Truck Alternator Output
Analogue electronics cd
64khz to 256khz Multiplier
Digital Switches
PIC18F8722 Async transmit with interrupts
Selecting a pushbutton switch
Geiger tubes
How do I turn off computer alerts?
Archive through 13 February, 2007
Phono Digitzer Input Impedance
Generating Sound on PICmicro
TV mod for BirdCam monitoring
CMOS/TTL Interface
Inverter for a car
EPE in North America
EPE and Silicon Chip
Wireless Networking
Where do I find...
Giant LED Display
Attention ant
Measure voltage accross a resistor
C Tutorial
Bass guitar amps
Savaplug from savawatt
Online PCB services
Camera survelliance for a valley ... ?
“Breakdown voltage” of an l.e.d.?
Inverter for a car
A good laugh
Substitute a potenteometer
PCB Silk Screen
TK3 vs rest
Solar power advice please
Archive through 05 February, 2007
Damaged mpeg
Just thought I'd toss this out there
Sw radio
500GHz barrier broken
PIC Prices
RS232 PIC to PC Power drain
New Microchip developement tool
Choosing a battery
Hard to find parts
Yet more hard to find parts!!!!
CD Player repair
50MHz counter
Calling Joe Farr
Resistivity meter 2003
Printer help please
Transformer blues
Ethernet transformer pinout
Microchip C floating point limitation
Wanted: MSF aerial/modules
Wind generator
Fame at last...
Another LCD problem
Reading ABS signal via ODB interface on a car?
MOSFET's V's Bipolar Transistors
Archive through 16 May, 2007
More on CFL's
Tilt switch
PC PSU enable pin
Earpieces of Old
New Bootloader Article??
PICs, RS232 & Radio TX/RX
More Eagle Problems
Experimental gyro
Animusic... It's weird but entertaining stuff ?
Is it this forum or my browser?
IR emitters/detectors
Heat detection - any ideas?
PE Joanna
Looking for pot !
Using CMOS 4060 - Problems
PE Joanna
Sony-Tektronix Scope, Y Amp pot: UK source.
First engage brain...
Telephone gadjet
Express pcb design
Pcb design software
Amplifier question
Best method for cutting ABS plastic boxes?
Powertip PC1602F 2x16 Line LCD Problem
EPE Project suggestion - OBDI interface
Binary division restoring algorithm PIC 18F family
Archive through 05 May, 2007
Resistor Body Colouring
C for PICs
Express pcb software
Component in Eagle Cad
Relay Selection Confirmation
Thank you Thomas Scarborough!
Cosine function for PIC16F872
RTC-72421B Full datasheet?!
Binary division Kenyan algorithm 18F family
Calling Derek Johnson
LM2917 ic
Microprocessor vs Microcontroller
How do membrane switches make a contact?
IDing a temperature compensating cap
Profile updating
Transformer output currents
Regulator circuits
Membrane type front panels
Radio Control Servo S03
IR Remote, Playstation.
Active load tester
EPE PIC Toolkit Software - USB Drive operation??
Fibre Optics
Wire wrapping advice
Magnetometer sample rate
Archive through 25 April, 2007
Magnetometer OCX download
Old Test Equipments... collecting madness hikes price
Testing an 8088 processor
Electromagnet driver
About ADE7756AN
Sensing motor overload
PIC Smoothing
Legislation on mains wiring
Project Build Problem 2
Superconducting coil
Pc transistor analyser
DIY Transmitter
Educational Projects for self teaching
SOIC to DIP adaptors (home made)
Re PIC resetting problem
Where to find obsolete ICs?
PCB to cope with radiated EMI on PICs
Legislation on mains wiring
Restoring division algorithm
Step Up Transformer
Fluorescent Magnifier Troubleshooting
Telephone Dialler (EPE-August 2006)
LCD display
Nicad chargers
Small PIC's; lack of projects for?
Mystery ic s
Archive through 13 April, 2007
Suggestions for getting started with PICs please
ZIF adaptor for 10F PICs
Ferrite transformers
UK based recognised self study courses
Re-posting for "phoenix"; educational projects book.
Educational Projects for self teaching
USSR small scope... Interesting item of history
Re-juvenating Li batteries
Color measuring
Build Your own guitar - Every Day Electronics
C for PICS
Any one have any views on PIC C compilers?
LED series resistance
Vibrator motors
RF Chokes
Sms controller
3150 PIC Progammer
Searching for an Usborne book
T0220 Component
Which C compiler to choose
FREE PIC-V Scope PCB anyone?
Interrupts - Timers updated inside ISRs
Picstart Plus R10
FPGA Starter kit
About Picronos L.E.D Wall Clock
EMC testing
Archive through 28 March, 2007
ICE2000 Running Fast
PIC to PC Comms Protocol
PIC Digital Geiger Counter
Project build problem
Starting a PIC
Rugby time and mechanical clocks.
Is assembly language still alive?
Up & Running
Pic Programmer
Does this look like a healthy connection to you?
Assembly program help
Weird PCB in TV Antenna
68UF 25V Tantalum Bead Capacitor
Picstart Plus...
Putting RJ45 plugs onto cable
MOSFET identification.
SMS Controller - suitable phones?
PCB sheet
Murphy does overtime
Sms controller
C for PICS series
TTL level N-channel MOSFET
Graphic Display 7X6 font
Mains adaptors
Archive through 14 March, 2007
PIC Basics ,, which .. Why .. How
TK3 and the 18F pic
Help with transistor identification
Step Up Transformer
Easy Peasy
Those pesky Lambda (O2) sensors
IDE sourceboost
Rugby time and mechanical clocks.
Mickey mouse soft
Microchip's free samples
PCB "Tin-it"
Help with equivalent values for transistors and diodes
TraxMaker and Stripboard
BoostC from Maplin
Picstart Plus problem
50 MHZ counter
Fast shipping
Bells, gongs, chimes. cymbals and carillions
Electricity metering - bring the meter out of the cabinet
ADSL microfilters - what's inside?
Uv Light Box
Car computer type thing
Domestic Extractor Fan
Archive through 20 July, 2007
Windows Vista or Stick with XP?
Mass change of file attributes
March 1973 issue
New version of linux
Archive through 09 July, 2007
Mail address change / phone numbers
Light Box Problems
Need A Good CAD Program
Table Talks
What to search for in the Web?
Archive through 21 June, 2007
EPE Mag's
VHS to DVD transfer
New car park in Bromley Borough?
Has anyone got a MIlford Instuments 3 axis machine ?
Mobile Phone Speakers?
Archive through 05 June, 2007
PICStart Plus for sale
Electronic Sound Effects
Sony laptop DVD drive
Big and small - Old and new
Positive resist spray
Archive through 12 May, 2007
Mobile phones, batteries and recharge
Recompiling EPE ASM codes
Ni-cad batteries.
Yet another chuckle thread...
Archive through 16 April, 2007
Philips Amp
Rechargeable/Standard Batteries
Amr, please contact me re PCBs!
Updated compendium. Is it possible?
137 mhz receiver
Archive through 05 April, 2007
Crainial stimulation for the treatment of addicts.
A New Chuckle-a-Day
Repelling a piece of metal with an electromagnet
Redirecting emails
And now printer ink problems!
Archive through 25 March, 2007
Bells and carillons etc
EU bans incandescent light bulbs
Pic Programmer
PCB mask.
Printing PCB's direct to copper.
Archive through 17 March, 2007
Soldering iron praise
PC to modem problem
Soldering iron moan
Cheap vibration switch needed
Help needed ......
Archive through 11 March, 2007
Needless(?) scrapping of vehicles
Printing PCB layouts direct to copper
FAO John Becker
Recording tape
Evolution versus Creationism
Archive through 02 March, 2007
A Chuckle on a gloomy day
The Journal of Irreproducible Results
Retrieving units and tens in Excel
Interesting reading: Color Vision / Rounding Algorithms ...
Printers & PCB Progs my decision
Archive through 25 February, 2007
Searching through Google
Data required
CDs and radar rejecting capability? Urban lore? Myth?
Source wanted .... 20K/10K R2R SIL resnet.
Archive through 23 February, 2007
LCD bezel's.
Source wanted .... 20K/10k R2R Sil resnet
Converter required
Aliens are coming
My Workshop ..... My affair with Milly !
So long & thanks for all the mags...
Archive through 16 January, 2007
Thrival .... Metal detector.
Proton+ upgrade CD 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 ?
My Workshop .... Radio Frequency modules.
Archive through 09 January, 2007
My Workshop .... Function Generators.
Advantages of Spam - If I could understand...
Help to find Amp.
My Workshop .....Breadboard modules
Mobile Phone Jamming Device.
Archive through 01 January, 2007
Conundrums 1.
Conundrums 2. Conundra?
Kent and Becker
Conundrums 2. Conundra?
Project Problem Any clues
Archive through 31 July, 2007
P.E. String Ensemble
Reference 'Readout' in EPE Mag..
Battery Adice
Lightning protection
LT Spice - How to simulate a repetitive signal
Stressed magnetic fields.
RF Fields and Bug Detectors
Lowpass active filter failing at the lower range
IR Link
Accuracy of PIC A/D inputs
Hidden charges: Digikey/UPS
Buying ribbon cables
IT8212 PCI hard disk card
Use of ferrite core against RF noise
Cannot output 'P' using proteus 7.1
Low voltage LCD use
Picaxe tachometer
Pic16f876 usart probs
A must-have mystery
Laptop USB Ports.
56 kbps for "copper" the limit ... ?
Car alarm programming
Graphic lcd display compatibility
Archive through 13 July, 2007
Propeller chips from parallax!
How to determine the modulation frequency on l298
8 wire stepper motors
V2 PC Scope
New Chip
Stepper motor data sheet
Sensorless brushless motors
Meter overload ... ?
Component supplier for less popular parts ?
(laptop) HDD interface to USB port
Sad days
Evaluating measurements
H-bridge overheating ...
Help me find a part
Loudspeaker suppliers?
I want your advice
Optical wavelength sensing circuit
Gaget Freak's Ideas in design.
Energy meter (May-June 07)
PIC Clock Speed
EPE Lead Battery Zapper
WEEE Directive
C compiler listing file
PCB Design Tutorial
Archive through 30 June, 2007
Old EPE article
Failing incandescent bulbs
Designed PCB and got ripped off / copied.
PCB for PIC development board ( PIC16F84A)
OA91 & temperature
Rotate the stepper Motor
Panel Meter
PCB Antenna track
Dead computer PSU
July on-line edition of EPE
PIC18F - Updating CCPR1 avoiding unexpected interrupt
Yes, you can solder surface mount at home by hand!
PIC Development boards
Determining pin functions on camcorder
Strange Light(ning)
Cool mouse
Is there a problem with the magazine download site?
Dusk to dawn sensor
Calculating sun position
Twin loop goes tripple
Stripboard CAD
Crank-torch repair
Archive through 18 June, 2007
Looking for that super cool project???
On-line issue
C for Pic's (continued)
Caravan Smart Relay
PIC timer advice
Interrupts latency
PICS, USB, Visual Basic 6.0 and MSCOMM32.OCX
Sound effect IC's?
New electronics
Replating soldering iron bits and electrode ideas
Memory sticks
Power "PIC"
So you want to be a Microchip certified consultant?
How to print a negative in eagle?
Relay Wirring
Sound Spectrum?
Unbelievable physics?
Custom project help please
Annoying Sony Ericsson W850I problem
New thread
Fake SD cards on Ebay
Twin loop pulse
16c71 to 12f675
Switching an LM7812 on and off
Getting Started with FPGA devices?
Archive through 03 June, 2007
Tilt Sensing Using Linear Accelerometers
Front panels
TV signal strength meter
EPE cover disk
Stripboard 'x-ray'
TK3 and PIC18F452
Binary division restoring algorithm PIC 18F family - Shor...
SRAM chip senility?
Component availability
Tesla Coiling and Teslathons!
4 hr timer using pic
Dreams and Solder
Cybervox Artwork
N12004 Data?
Hard to find components
Bat Sonar EPE June
Genial compiler for PIC from the BASIC to the assembler
Laser Diodes
Car stereo connections
Flourescent Magnifier Troubleshooting
PCB Design Tips
PIC programmer 13V issue
Thought's on... Cosmology-Dark Matter & RF Transmission...
Archive through 14 November, 2007
Oscilloscope advice
High voltage analogue switch
\help with Odd Chip
Cleaning PCBs - what do you use?
EPE article
Or how about a super computer??
How to simulate weak pullups - 16F877 - MPSIM
Bi-Polar A/D converter
Trigger ideas needed.
VB6 and com port
Teach-in 2008
36-way Female Centronics Connector
TK3 Version Number
Need a small radio receiver??
Help needed identifying a book
I don't believe it!
PIC interrupt routines
Differential amplifiers...
0402 LEDs...
Archive through 28 October, 2007
Using a VB6 application on a laptop to communicate with a...
My circuit details!!!
PICkit 2 6 way ICSP header connection?
Stepper motor vibration
Calling Audio Buffs - Sound System Selection
New tip for my soldering iron
Resistor problem
Memory Lapse -- Oscillator
Rulers & Printing a Directory (Folder) in MS Windows...
Video Splitter
PIC Serial Input Interrupt
Problem to solve
Basic Stamp.
Volume control pot?
Show PWM on LED?
PSU Needed
Very Bright Led's
Rectangular hole in lanel for switch.
Chemical snapped ties
Solar power for laptops
PIC printing
Sourcing Components for EPE projects?
Buy ribbon cable
Met Office 2003 project
Class A audio...
What to do with PIC programming PCB's
Learn from my (rather expensive) mistake.
Archive through 14 October, 2007
#define 16F to 18F
Type of connectors !!!!
Recycling Conundrum
Free electricity
Converting composite video to VGA
Unknown Connector
Source of cheap 5mm LEDs
Magnetometer problem
TOP Tenners
Chemical snapped ties
RFID application
Time-Lapse Photography?
Putting a Charge on a Car
Makeshift Schottky?
Microchip PicKit2 Programmer
V2Scope problems
Voltage converter
Differential GPS
'Discovering Electronic Clocks' by WD Phillips
Unusual question
PC power supply
TV aerial advice
EPE MIDI Analyser
Archive through 22 September, 2007
ID-12 RFID reader
Differences between ICD2 and Pickit2
PIC USB to Parallel port
Free PIC C Compiliers?
TINA software
Some SDCC compiler success..
Historical equipment
New Workshop - Lighting Advice Needed
Ultra ring Tones...
A teenage problem!
Rife feedback
Pre sensitive board from Maplin
Computed GOTO 16F to 18F migration
High frequency AC motor ?
How to say which board was the first to detect a transition
Brushless Motor Speed control
Black Ribbon Cable - Suppliers?
PIC graphics L.C.D. Scope (G Scope) query
Test video signal
Learning about micro-processors.
PCB Manufacture at reasonable prices
Like Sparks?? Wooo Hooo!!
40khz Transducer
Archive through 21 August, 2007
IRFZ34N equivalent
I/O card
RFID with a PIC ?
Back issues of PE from 1973-85ish
Current Measurement
Debounce I/O problem
Low voltage zener needed
Push button tactile switches - where to buy?
PIC UHF Remote Control
Artwork For PCB's
Safe way to measure a voltage from the 'outside' on a PI...
Waving wand message stick
Separated On/Off Switches
Radio Propagation and Hearing Aids?
Circuit Surgery Regulator Article Question
Old projects re-hashed
Power supply for low voltages?
Li-Ion charger info wanted
Web site building
Need a component like a zener
Valve transformers and electro magnets and other questions?
PIC16F88 Prescaler
PIC source beautifier ?
Archive through 07 November, 2007
Calling Grab again
Phil Warn
Writing in Assembly Language is Cool!
OE6 delay
Archive through 22 October, 2007
Calling Grab!
Youtube bass demo
Sine waves
Transmitter and receciever questions.
Archive through 16 October, 2007
End of happiness
John Becker
My Circuit
DRM Mondiale Radio Reception
Archive through 30 September, 2007
Stopping W98 automatically getting ipaddress
Tinnitus Cure?
Two PC s and a laptop - Avoiding a mess!
Television Magazine...
12V car battery chargers
Archive through 26 September, 2007
My ages
Useful starting out
Windows Folder contents printout
Archive through 21 September, 2007
Audio Track on CD
Imperial Success
Archive through 05 September, 2007
Square wave Gen??
OUTPUT things
'Discovering electronic clocks'
Black Hole EM Aerial Design
Archive through 26 August, 2007
Need examples on beam on elastic foundation.
FireFox 2 - can it do this cookie block thing?
Archive through 02 August, 2007
Keypad alarm
Faulty CD
Computer shutdown error
Advice on Career Change
Any chance to get a photocopy of these?
Archive through 15 January, 2008
Teachin 08: 40ohm (approx) loudspeaker
Reactable – tabletop fun
PICkit1 LED matrix
Looks like Asus didn't get the memo.....
Triac equivalent
How to Source Components for EPE Projects
Step Drill/Uni-Bit Drill Bits
ISD Chips - the choice!
DAB aerial
Extreme Christmas lights
Laser Tag
18F4585 - CAN-related registers
Dev Board
SUBWF Instuction
PIC Toolkit 3
Grrr - capacitor plague strikes again
Sony Video Issues
3-phase reversal
Success Winding Transformers?
Adding elapsed time to counter project
Cheap soldering station
Suppliers of plastic lenses anyone?
The story of our moden Santa Claus.
Jan 2008 Ingenuity Unlimited novice question
Moc3041 problem
Archive through 28 December, 2007
Voltage Controlled Amp?
Cheap RF Modules
Serial I/O Controller Published This Month ...
PIC voltage reference
Digital vernier
Mains interference
Ebay shop
Advice on soldering surface mount
Cheap soldering station !!!!
Solar power for laptops
First Time PCB Kits
Cutting copper clad board
Telephone interference
CANbus simplest circuit for a start
USB over mains
PC on TV
Anita 1011 LSI calculator
Stepper motor question
Environmental Noise Suppression ...
Radio Shack TRS 80 mere junk value?
LED oddity
Infra Red Beams
Surface mount componenet sources?
Not sure what to make of this one.....
Christmas Lights Fader
Current Sources
Schematic ground symbols.
Archive through 14 December, 2007
Fluorescent tube problem
Stepper Motor Resonance
Practical Electronics Gemini Amplifier
Item moved
Electronic Pulse
Apparent malfunction of Toolkit3 PCB.
Some interesting hardware
Photographic flash trigger
Surface mount stuff
Transistor question
Ultrasonic Transducers help needed
Leaking Capacitor
Beta tester for bottom end pic debugger
MJ4033 transistor
To Pb or not to Pb?
Resistors, zig-zags or oblong?
RS 232 - SG (signal ground) connected to what in the PCB?...
Z80 Single Board Computer
Remember the CFL thread??
Using the PICAXE SerRxd Function
Microvitec Cub
ICSP on PICKit 2
Crash proof DVR ?
More sound effects
Problem with EPE website?
Archive through 01 December, 2007
Recovery of hard disk drives
Teach-in 2008: MCB and Link A / Link B
Obsolete components
Microchip UK address?
Widescreen TV fault
Fault liability
Pb free solder, ageing problems?
Master Control Board & USB (Teach-In 2008)
DigitalTV Interferance
UV printer source required.
Test Circuits Needed
555/7555/555CN Current Consumption Conundrum
Speed of Radio
USB Electrocardiograpg - help req
Speech Project and PICDEM ques
Component choice
Logic analyzer
PIC16F627 TMR1 Interrupt problems
Sound-generator chip?
Flyback Tester
Interesting transistor
I'm not colour blind ? but, what's that resistor value !!...
Laser problem
High Voltage op amp
PICKIT2 Configuration Word - Bandgap
V2Scope Parts
So who invented BFO?
Archive through 13 August, 2008
Question on brushless motors.
Remote thermometer.
RE the supplier of Led's thread
EPE Super Speedo Corrector
About 78XX regulators
Impedence matching
Loop amp
Attention Jimkirk
Source for Hall effect transducer
Sapphire royaltek GPS receiver
PIC 16F877 - 8 channel datalogger - Aug 1999
Layout software suggestions
Computer Music
USB to RS232 Adaptors
PIC Controlled Alarm Intruder
PIC Controlled Alarm Intruder
MOSFET Threshold vs Temperature
Technique for removing DIL sockets
Wirewound pot mystery
CFLs again
USBto232 single side PCB
Teach in 2008 PIC programming problems
You have (snail) mail !! "Postman's been" indicator for e...
Electronic symbols
Life rating of an led
Pic resolution
More efficient transformer
DE-potting a transformer
Archive through 24 July, 2008
PIC Programming - A Puzzle Solved
Vaacum Cleaner Static(?) Shock
Help with choice of component
CD player repairs
CFL flash
Circuit Help (Relay problem)
Embedded C Books
Someone downloaded software for "Mains Monitor"?
Filter design for Conducted Immunity
Discrepancy between theoretical v's actual current drawn ...
Track width to maximum amps
Hearing improver
Lectures in repairs of electronics
Wave Form Generator
Overseas/Export electronic parts, a change of policy.
How to make plated vias in home-made PCBs
Vias ?
A picture speaks a thousand words
Vintage Eproms, CPUs & more - looking for home
Obiwan electronics maths answers
Help with MOS FET
How-to: Non-polar from polar caps?
Tantalum capacitors
Language & controls for simple USB soft - host side
Archive through 05 July, 2008
Logic analyser
Flashing question
VU meters
Question for Sounded Simple & Terrm
Virus problem
PIC programming. What's best?
PIC 4MHz XTAL Problem - Uggh
Mathematics for Electronics
Shed some light please!!!
Data Logger formats
Express Mag
My first Hall effect sensor
Shed some light please!!!
Wheatstone Bridge
Mechatronics series
Sources wanted
Pic latch-up and reset problem
Interesting site on early transistors and british semicon...
Fuses problem
EPE article about digital cameras
Li-Ion Batteries
Metal Film Resistors
Regulator question
What software is used to create circuit diagrams in the m...
Archive through 17 June, 2008
Servo Motors Query
Supplier of LED’s
John Beckers LED Clock
Domestic scale remover
Hydrogen powered car
Everday Electronics phase pedal project june/july 1980
PC to pic serial comms
Component packages
Failed surface mount resistors
Circuit fails when power gradually drops
Diode Speed
RC servo controller
Arw apologies
Digital picture frame running an interactive flv?
Why car chassis are negative grounded
C programming structure for PICs
Vu meter replies
Pick-up sensors
Walking robots
Analogue vu meters
MC1496 Double Balance Modulator
Potential divider (beginner question)
Which issue? Lend me your memory please....
Regulated 12 volt supply for relay - beginners question
Godfrey Manning's photospectrographs
Eagle CAD
Archive through 27 May, 2008
SDCC PIC C compiler - has anyone here tried or used it ?
'Known" flaw in PC Based Alarm. Comments from EPE please...
Pulsing a Quartz Clock
Parallel port interfacing
Rev Counter
PC based alarm
Freeview problem
PC Power Monitor July 2006
Thandar Test Equipment Service Manual
Help required re Surface Mount
Thin PCB material
Brushless motor update
Circuit books
Star Trek Door Sounder.....
Pre-programmed Atmel for April 08 Remote Control Module
SMS Controller - Nokia Serial data cable
More on Steppers
AC current meter
How much power will a peltier drain?
Universal High-energy LED Lighting System
PWM frequency
Kits for EPE articles
PIC memory size
New smtp server rules
Interested in making money??
PIC a to d conversion sample rate
Archive through 06 May, 2008
Mini Theremin
LED treatment for Allergies (hayfever)
Emergency Solder
How to test a Voltage Dependent Resistor
Stepper motor problem ( new post )
Multi chemistry charger designs
Free PIC Book
Transformations e.g. RF Baluns...
S /h re-ferb audio
MPLAB C project video guide
Using LCD and buttons with PIC
Protection diode
Embedded C books
Teach-In 2008 Part 6 - Sound Generation
Transformers - 12-0-12 primary, 24v secondary
Stepper motors
Ultrasonics and birds??
Projects using BASIC ?
Isolation Transformer
USB - First try - PIC 18F4550
Suppliers of musical keyboards
Logic Goats...
Pic tutorial
Lantronix server
Holux GPS
Choosing the value of the fixed resistor in a sensor pote...
Archive through 20 April, 2008
Tecpel LCR meter drains battries like mad
For Sale: A Few Components.
Non Working Uninterruptible Power Supplies
USB - Dedicated PIC micros or / and FTDI chips page
Source for plug in breadboards
UV 'B' sensor
Mini RC motor controller
Current trip - User input C code problem
Charging Li-Ion cells
Automatic ball thrower: Youtube video
PIC18F2550 Port B RB2, RB3
Recent EPE project issues
Sink or Source Signal ?
Lightning protection
USB - Why to stop a pen drive?
TK3 Problem
Surface mount assortment
Machine screws
The oldest currently in service
Z80 SBC with flash EEPROM firmware.
Does anyone recall the Halloween Howler (Oct 05)?
Archive through 28 March, 2008
Sleeping micro
Golden Oldies
PIC Speech Synth
Cool Beans, Cool Beans & More Cool Beans!!!
My siren
Antique Hearing Aid System?
A moment of auction madness!
Electronics Instructional Videos
Safe disposal of ferric chloride and caustic soda
My Siren
Precision 2Hz?
Purpose of negative voltaje regulators
LCD Display sources ?
Help Needed Please
ATTention Chippie
Daljit singh 35w p.a. ampl
Reading Cats Identichip's
Alarm Fault
Admin /repeats
Silicon chip magazine -australia
2512 smd resistor
Current sensing
Archive through 16 March, 2008
Decoupling capacitor for LCD
Converting your old joystick to USB
Daljit singh 35w p.a.ampl
Soldering irion bit savers
Hybrid electric cars
ADMIN re: Circuit Surgery
Converting Electric fence output to 12V DC Charger
*****PAID JOB, URGENT*****...
RE ADE7756AN obolete.
Choosing transistors for a VCA diff pair
Hall Effect switch for brushless motors
Radio Direction Finding
Rubbish nokia chargers
HOT open source PCB&schematic tool
CANbus - 18F4585 - Fried CANTX pin?
How to use TK3 and a PICKit 2
Subminiature Power Plant?
Reverb circuit?
Variants of PIC876
State Machines
Radioactive battery
Best/most popular dual bridge stepper motor driver IC
Active Low or Active High?
The CMOS 555
Archive through 25 February, 2008
Line follower ..... QRD1113/4
PIC 16F88 - nasty little tripwire - ADRESH, ADRESL
Cheap bits
EPE January’s project on serial IO controller
Led circuit
Sound Sampler Troubles
Poll: Favorite PIC processor
Digital water level meter
Tide predictor code assembly
Charging Lead-Acid battery at constant current
Scientific Calculators - dirt cheap!
ATX as Battery Charger
Stereo Pre-Amp from Feb/08
CRC utility for hex strings ?
Ferrite beads
Spot welding NiMn cells
Low Energy Lighting / Ultrasonic Noise / Bat Sonar
TV problem
Soldering Iron Stations
"volume control" type LED circuit
Giant seven segment displays...flip-down athletics style?
PIC-GEN July 2000 hex file
PIC Resources CD incomplete!?
Archive through 15 February, 2008
Speaking of oxy torches.....
Surface mount guide
About the L200 IC
741 rail voltage minimum
Led circuit needed
Led circuit previouspost
Tibbles [Maplin ]
Multiplexing for large N to 1 situations.
DXF to PDF ?
mike hibbett [back issue mags ]
Capacitance multiplier - Is it true?
Old oxy acetylene profile cutter machine with "magic eye"...
EPE Article on Weather Station
Link for newbies-parts identification
Down to earth
24/7 night /surveillance cameras
Drop in for 16F628(A)
TK3 16F628A
PC on TV Update
Battery-less remote
Surface mount transistor mystery
Circuit to connect PC audio to a Hi-Fi
Number formats 0x0, 0x7, etc.
Transistor pin-out
Peltier Cell Usage
A mystery BUG?
Archive through 01 February, 2008
Personal Scope
EPE Lead Acid Battery Zapper
PIC 18F2550 USB
Weather Station
Low energy bulbs
O.1 Header socket plastic blanking pins .....
Interesting project USB PIC and PWM
Electrosmog Sniffer EPE Project.
MPLAP IDE 7.50V C30 ( Student pack )
Serial I/O Controller.
Remote control circuits - good site
IDE Pinout - an Update
Listing 2.1 Teachin 2008
24khz transducer
Frequency Measurement?
Remote control
Midi encoder
Surface Mount tutorial
Help needed for design project
Project Idea
How to make a triode
Computer PSU
Usb to parrallel
Multiway aero/military-style connectors
IDE Pinout
Tool Supplies
Archive through 21 January, 2009
Free Protel Download
DC power transmission
PicnMix blog
Crystal only works when something metallic touches it
1000:1 pre-scaler
Surge resistor?
Schematic software needed?
@ Paul G: this years Xmas lights?
Bis and Pieces
'What Display Driver' Magazine?
UV LED PCB lightbox
Problem with E-mail Notification
7805 regulator
Mirco ADC ref confirmation
Transformer replacement
Clock circuit update
Joe Farr's serial i/o
Current/voltage regulator
Clock display
Microchip ICD3
PIC16F84 RA4 open-drain output delay
Load and GoPIC programmer
Faulty TV: question to the repair experts
Problem with reading / writing 62256 RAM
Archive through 28 December, 2008
Wii: Only Recently Feasible?
Santa catcher
And the word for the day is ... 'squegging'!
USB Electrocardiograph - EPE Nov 07
PCB prototype company that accepts BRD files
MPLAB Watch Window
PIC n' Mix - I/O Port Expansion Questions
Xmas star (Dec project) PIC12f683
EPE Dec 'Christmas Star' & LED's
LED garden lighting
EPE Radar
ANNOUNCING: new web site launching 14th November
EPE Hybrid Computer / Analogue Computer
Error using PICkit 2 connected to IceBreaker
Linux pickit2 serial coms util WIP
Sensitive metal detector
Serial Interface article details.
Problem with pickit2 and lcd
Triac Testing
PC Monitor Colour Spectrum
Images and file attachments limits increased
Missing Teach-In code files?!?!?!
Pickit2 tri-state
Archive through 28 November, 2008
Solar panel off-load?
December Mag - Capacitive Switch Code?
Pickit2 Debugger: other PICs than 18F8722
Pic kit2
Net-Work on EPE Online
EPE's Contribution to Innovation
IR LED video link
Finding a MOSFET
Diesel injection timing sensor
Analog 0-10v
Dark green equipment wire
Sourcing bespoke connectors
PicKit 3
Basic Sound Card project?
Speed control of brushless motor ?
The future of lighting?
Driving a Servo with a 555 IC
CRO Maintenance.
Transformerless power supply output help
Data Format - 8 channel Data Logger (July/Aug 99)
Magazine PIC offer?
Pickit2 Debugger: other PICs
Battery charging
Problem with SMS Controller (from March/April 2007)
Usb pic
PicNMix embedded web server
Archive through 06 November, 2008
Alternate history
12F Pic supplier for UK?
Ferrite Bead
The best project never shown in the EPE
LF452 programming blues
Great solder job (not)
Solar power controller
Regulation in switching PSUs
2512 smd resistor
8086 Development Board
Low pass filter
V2 Scope August 2007
Touch Screen and PIC's
Capacitance mesurement with a PIC
10F20x Neural nets?
National Clock Modules
Solar electric design guides
Is Metz an archaic unit?
Wind power
The Esquire magazine E-paper display
DAB aerial
3V3 working with LF pics
CMOS and 74 series logic
Tantalum capacitor marking
Archive through 13 October, 2008
Peer to Peer pinching
60v => 24v
Low cost freq meter mk.2
PIC based centronics to serial converter
Electric porsche
74HC Data Book?
Need help with Forrest Mims title
PCB design software?
Cross posting from the Proton forum .....
The "New" Twisted-Pair Forum
LED driver idea
Message for ARW
LED switching driver efficiency
Mystery RS bare LCD.
That Novenber Issue PicKit2 offer
The wrong trousers...
Identity logo on capacitor
Strange results when TRISIO'ing
Sound Effect Needed
Electricity meter reading
Class A...
Pcb drills & stand
Replacement chips
Thread deleted - dual purpose goods
Usb ICD2 clone help
Getting 4 layer PCBs made
Archive through 22 September, 2008
MOSFET failure mode
Webserver on a business card
Laser cut project cases
TV antenna
Clocks & Disgust
Circuit symbols
British Amateur Electronics Club Archive Updated
Radio in Terms of a Cat
Intelligent Car Air Conditioning Controller
MPPT circuit for 12v solar use
PICs and Ethernet
PIC USART test program in source boost c
How to? Wow/flutter measurement
Simple rs232 adaptor
New development
Hi newbie here needs help.
Help obtaining 2 wirewound pots
Dimmer switch efficiency
Light sensitive circuit
Pic graphical user interface
Efficency - CFL vs LED
Is there an alternative to solder flux ?
ICD2 4 wire programming to target board
Recycling for solar energy.
Archive through 07 September, 2008
Free PIC tutorials
Query about Mains Monitor EPE Project.
CMOS logic familes: old & new
Switch Detector.
Phone directory through the Web
Name that oscillator.
New Member introdution
PCB UV exposure boxes
PC fan > Wind power
Super simple RS232 to PIC
Radio TeleSwitching
Want a logic analyzer? Cheap?
Difference between PICKit and ICD2??
PIC LCD Decimal display
Switching GPS signal to multiple Sat Nav's
Maths for PICs
LCD Display - Simple Radar Sim
16F877 Interrupts, LCD's and the Watchdog
USB to RS232 adaptor cables.
Moved - EPE Online Downloading
6v Regulator required
BY229-200 Equivalent
Too lazy to find out :-))
Wind energy monitor
Archive through 11 October, 2009
SMPS question
November issue download problem
Older source files are here
Failed electolytics
Using UV LEDs for PCB artwork exposure
Atlas analyser question
Whatever happened to EPE January 2009??
My dead freeview box
Digital audio distortion
Data logger query
LochMaster v3 stripboard layout software question
Power monitor
Wooden clocks oxygen saturation , Oh boy
Pole and Zeros
The former Zetex
Newcomer issues with TK3 and master control board
High Voltage Transistor
Newbie problem with Toolkit Mk3 (second pass!)
Newbee problem with Electronics teach in
VU Peak Meter
Looking for some buffer chips for 3.3v logic
EPE Teach-In2 Demand!
Really useful web site
MII Mosfet power supply help!
Single pole on/off switch for vero board
Archive through 15 September, 2009
Record player
10 channel contact closure multiplexing circuit
Lead/Lead free solder mix?
Lies, damn lies and the internet
Level change required?
Newbie problem with Toolkit
Power Consumption of a Post
IR Remote, toy spider.
Wanted: Electronics the Maplin Magazine July 1992 issue
Pic12f675 eeprom issue
"World's most pointless machine"
PIC18F46J50 Real time clock
EPE Hybrid Computer 2002
GPS Frequency Reference EPE April/May 2009
A puzzle
SPI-Mode SD card - product licensing
Water Rockets
LT700 audio transformer
Sodium lamp
Old Valves
PIC N Mix Video
Velleman 4-Channel Recorder/Logger
Scope clock
Digital Remote Volume Control
Archive through 02 September, 2009
Prog. Electronic Ignition issue Sept 2009
Ignition system
Resistor question
Wooden Clocks - How do they work?
Component Identification help - LCD Display
Class D amplifiers
EPE regrets to announce the death of John Becker
GLCD 12864 - Busy check - Unrolled code
GLCD 12864 - Testing A & K pins
GLCD KS0108 Dummy read. When? Once?
Screen printing
14 Pin SMT Carrier PCBs for bread-boards
EPE: Does it have a future?
Subscription downloads
Graphic LCDs - types and initialization sequence (?)
Coil Winding Machine
Canon Camera Remote
Remote Control
Piddles the cat lives!
PIC16F872 pin query
Deaf aid - project idea...
Outdoor pir sensor
24HJ128GP202 I/O
Digital Filters
National Semi's COP8SAC720
Cutting pcb
Archive through 14 August, 2009
September 2009 EPE price
Oscilloscope - on-screen text
Digital tachometer
PC Board 0V layout
DC motor RPM, back EMF.
Old ICs
Source for Minicraft Jigsaw blades in the UK
Capacitor life
AVR 'clone' programmers
For Alan - Chatzone outage
Shaggy Dog Story
Build Your Own NASA Apollo Landing Computer
MOSFET-Heatsink/Protection Diode
DC-DC converter
Circuit Error
Frustrating PIC oscillator problem
ICD2, Windows 7
Getting 5V from a much higher voltage
IC identification
PIC Software for Teach In 2004 Pt 9
Picaxe and VERY cheap temp sensor
Dumping massive data to a SST29EE020 EEPROM
Frequency counter on 'clearance' offer
Archive through 28 July, 2009
Is anyone ordering from Farnell?
USB - TTL cable
Usb phone cables for PIC use
2N2222 - Should it switch?
AC inrush current limiter
Blanking the retrace - Analog scope
Via tubular rivets ?
RS232 lead testing
ZN414: just for amateurs?
Lightening DetectorCan anyone tell
Solder paste
EPE mag
Old test oscillator
Oscilloscope recommendation
Non invasive mains monitoring
Desoldering big things
Special wire source?
CFL failure mode
PICs and SD cards
EPE Pic'n'Mix Web Server Series
How do I access pic n mix or interface on new web site
C question
Propeller head
Full list of E96 values
Handy MEGA PCB Instructional video
PNMix - TVs
Repost: Arrangements for John Becker
Archive through 09 July, 2009
Sealed Lead Acid batteries
Custom housings
Electric 'motorcycle' ....snigger
Toolkit TK3?
PICs and USB
USB power line
Caravan Temperature Switch
Tricky PICs
24HJ128GP202 I/O
MPASM Error Message
Hi-Tech compiler
EPE Enhanced Web Server
Wanted: Circuit Board Repair (UPSs)
Printing PCBs
Video Selector Redesign
Look what I bought..
BT master sockets
Microchip / PIC Axe
Stepper Motor Driver Question
Digital Switchover
Microcontroller projects
Header plastic polarising pins.
Email address
Archive through 23 June, 2009
Lead acid chargers
Page-mode EEPROM - may I write a singe byte?
Capacitative sensor?
Programming PICs: USB interfacing
Big Digit PCB 341
LED Torch
Thermal glue
Crimping Tool
PWM to get steady DC voltage - Ringing
White LEDs
Laser LEDs
How to fix a PCB into a box
19-inch Rack Enclosures
Royer and Clamping
Internet Radio Project - Looking for a partner to do it
Error in July's PICnMix (Interfacing to keyboards)...
BoostC from maplin
Hydroponics timer - help please
Short shielded audio cable
Hydroponics Stuff - AGAIN!!! Problems with asm file
Electricity dangers
PICNMix code
Db Scale - Audio
OBD II: Source for plugs and sockets?
Archive through 10 June, 2009
High Impedance Speaker
Danger high voltahge!
R Photographic Trgger Unit
Oh no not again .... PCB's
Circuit Symbols
Numbering things
Computer input help
25 way RS232 patch boxs
A fool and his money ...
Sad Story
Farnell PSU L30A
Power Planes
When you run out of tracing paper...
PCB Edge Connector
IEEE Spectrum: 25 Microchips That Shook the World
Solar Water Heating Controller
Shunt regulator
Where can I get this capacitor
Photographic Trigger Unit
Temperature controlled soldering station
PicNMix Video
PIC MCB - teach in 08 - max 662
PC audio question
'C' printf question
Archive through 14 May, 2009
Steam iPod...
Component ID
Digital RS232 Switch
Pic 'n' Mix Enhanced Webserver
18F family - Four independent PWM outputs in software
Perfboard - Would you do any different from this?
Missing case
Key fob crystal
Anyone got a Pickit 2 for sale ?.
Project on Very low Frequency up-converter ?
Need help to identify a component...
Electric powered trike
RFID Scanners website
Panel Led indicator
Microsoft Word
SMPS design query
Power supply - What topology to use?
TEA1104 Ni-mh Battery Monitor
Gyrator basics
Component query
Electric powered trike
Cutting ABS panels for LCD displays
Component I.D
Archaeometry ?.
Earth resistivity logger
DC sweep of a voltage source in Spice
Archive through 10 April, 2009
Model ship electronics
GPS for model aircraft
PCB Masters
Newbie power supply question
Haven't downloads growed up then?
Some fresh input
Math's symbol?
What to do with 1000,000 leds
3.3V logic probes?
Z88 to go...
Pic multitasking problem
LCD contrast problem
Type of piezo buzzer required!!!!!!
Band-pass filters
R. S. Stops Maestro Credit Card Orders On-line
Weather station - wind direction and speed
Zetex transistors
Grumble about the new website format
Microphone Noise
Burnt Nose Syndrone
Magnetometer - problem accessing the EEPROM
Source of cheap WIFI modules?
Ingenuity Unlimited
P&Mix - OLED processor
Archive through 10 March, 2009
New Metal Detector
PicNMix April - Video from a PIC
Fancy a new project?
Help using EPE 8 channel PIC datalogger with XP or Vista
Fancy a new project?
Thandar handbook or datasheet wonted!!
Energy saving lighting again
Save electricity?
Switching on a sensor without resetting the PIC!
Patent Advice
CDC USB Emulation code
CDC USB Emulation code
High Intensity LEDs
Software tutorial
For Sale: 3kva Isolation Transformer and Variac (LV o/p)...
Zetex transistors
Velleman K8055 - graph display
Need a source of Screw down terminal posts
Magnetometer/Resistivity (again)
Diode Markings
Low ESR Capacitor
Electrolysis & Rust removal/reversal
Project pictures as promised
PICnMix Embedded Ethernet Webserver
560W USB Powered Speakers !
TK3 PIC Assembler
V2 Scope
Archive through 09 February, 2009
High Intensity Red LEDs
EPE Studio PreAmp project pictures
Teletex encoder using a microcontroller?
Electronic Assistant may make u lazy
Turns counter for coil winder
Looking for ...
The Mail
XMas Star project in December issue
Max7456 OSD chip
Op-Amps categorized
Pic n Mix
Source file path exceeds 62 characters
Looking for USB Mini Male/Plug
Fluid pumps and valves
Xbox auto fire mod
Calling Barry Fox
ICD 3 - ace!
Ball Grid Array IC repair
AC-DC without diodes?
High Voltage Depletion-mode mosfet?
Downloadable book - "Op Amp Applications Handbook"
AC-DC without diodes?
Nero Download
Halloween Howler - FAO Mike Hibbett
JVC TV problem...
Sensor stability
Archive through 26 December, 2009
Missing code for EPE project
Lithium battery question
Speed of LED's
Video transmission
Bird and Rodent Discouragement
LED Xmas lights: Weird, magic or clever?
C for beginners
Ferric chloride: sediment & supernatant
How to prototype with BGA ICs
Voltage sensing with physical isolation
EAGLE prototyping area
PC controlled burglar alarm panel
PCB trace corners
Ladder Logic Article - Nov 2009
PIC controlled intruder alarm assistance (published Apr 2...
Talking of South Africa
Photoresist reciprocity question.
PCB production again
Inverters and battery types
Programming a EN29LV040A-70JCP
Toolkit V2 Windows XP Question
Getting the best of a Bubba oscillator
Farnell aquires CadSoft
Screen printing tracks and pads ....
Archive through 03 December, 2009
Project box needed
Extension of LCF meter from Feb 2004
Programming PICs via a modem
C compilers
Teach-In 2008 hardware
Microchip support / Faulty ICD2?
Scary Boys Toys
24V and lighting
Where are they?
Digital camera power consumption (again)
Saving data to PIC EEprom
PCB Software
Simple IR remote switch needed
Composite video image creation
Wanted Electronics Teach-in by Mike Tooley (magazine)...
Using non-X2 capacitors on the mains
LED brightness
PSU whistle
Studio Series Pre-Amp (Feb 08) headphone amp switching...
Power saving with a PC monitor
16f628 Write problem
Cable Tracer
PCB production costs
Low-Voltage Mystery
Archive through 05 November, 2009
Tyre pressure monitor
Electro-chemical Precious Metal Testing
Question regarding using transistor as a simple switch
Digital camera power consumption
Tidy-up time - Bin or not to bin?
Today's quiz. The cost of Standby...
Missing posts
Design problem involving MOSFETs
Cheap Electricity
Reed switch reaction time ??
Can Toolkit be added to MPLAB IDE programmer list?
AD7730 and PIC
18KW my ars*
Kites flying cameras.
Pulsing LED output from PIC
PIC measureing its own supply voltage.
8-pin PIC - single tone generator from 32Khz Crystal ?
What is this? An electric motor?
More Teach-in 2 hiccups !!
Intercom system
EPEmag3 Home page errors
PCB Etch problem
BTc Sound Encoder
Bbc iplayer history of Sinclair & Acorn
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