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EPE Chat Zone forum - end of life announcement
EPE Chat Zone forum changeover
For Sale: metal detector built from EPE kit.
Circuit current supply
New posts
This Month's PIC n' Mix (December).
Yesterday's World
USB keyboard debounce and typematic repeat
Flip Flop Vs Latching Relay
Please join us on EEWeb
My car's speed - measuring - recording
Question about lighting
Is the number of hobbyists dwindling?
Teach in 93
Microchip discounts + free shipping
No EPE delivered - has the mail strike already started?
ICD4 reviewed and other news
Warning beacon with Oshonsoft Basic
PCB production
10F322 device ID error
Switching Regulators
Transistor Physics Theory
Whereabouts of the" Silicon Chip Serial Port Driver"
Fantastic new tool
This month's PIC n' Mix (October).
Large LCD Display?
2.54" SIL strips Pins & sockets
EPE demographics from August 2007
Strangest component found in a TV set
This month's PIC n' MIX (September).
How does active LPF deal with 'high' frequency?
Robert Penfold retires
Giveaway: PIC18F27J53 and ENC424J600 PCBs
PIC18F2550/PIC18F25K50 minimal PCBs - cheap :-)...
Archive through 09 August, 2017
WS2812 / APA-106 clear?
Can 2 x SMPSU be connected in series?
BBC MicroBit advanced debugging
How do I best cut plain PCB/Veroboard tracks?
Testing "failed" VDRs
Not soldering on
Transistor radio powered from cheap switch mode psu
How can I compare two frequencies?
August source code
FPC/FFC Connectors for OLED displays
Why through hole?
Super simple 'DDS'
Pick and Place co-rdinates WRT component outline
555 timer at 22 volts
CCTV help
Arduino (Teach-in 8)
Computer problems
TINA v11 - Any Thoughts?
BBC micro:bit
PIC foghorn programme
In need of some help please !
Ultrasonic garage parking assistant (June 2017)
PWM with PIC16f628
Archive through 23 April, 2017
Sometimes the little things...
Silicon Chip 6 digit gps clock
Another eb** bargain
PIC/AVR Flowcode 50% discount fro Microchip
Plug of Nails / Tag Connect connectors
Digital elec meter accuracy
Even simpler comms
Photo-etch PCB problems
Nuisance phone calls on the landline
Article request: Drone jammer
Simple remote camera viewing
Simple fibre-optic comms
ITEAD - several designs
Does a 'visual' drag-drop Gerber editor exist?
Low power PIC and High power transmitter
Transistor Types
Free Logic analyser needs a good home
Mini Low-Pin-Count board
Cricklewood Electronics
Low resistance continuity checker...copy needed
PIC16F1454, MPLABX, cannot debug or use USB
Clocks V's current draw
Simple ESPDuino IoT environmental monitor
'Master IC Cookbook' and 'Adventures with Electronics'...
Mplab 8.00v build program without show any error message
Archive through 18 February, 2017
78L05, Guess the capacitance
Halogen bulbs
Solar MPPT Charger
Another MPLAB-X oddity
Mplab 8.00v build program without show any error message
Mplab 8.00v build program without show any error message
X2 7-segment Adder copied from one in the Science Museum.
Pictutor cannot use on windows 10 ( former pictutor by j...
Removing heatsink compound
Lamp style identity - help needed
Circuit Surgery
Motor problem.
Component equivalents
Dynamic mic pre-amp
First project - an audio pre-amp/equalizer
Hobbyist bench power supply
Transistor data sheet parameters.
Fair quality, inexpensive, "un-cased" loudspeaker?
Feb 2017 Source code
Laser burning - what's my problem?
Radio interference problem using USB charging socket in car
PIC16f84A output pin bias question
Commonest SMD Bi-Colour LED packages?
Microchip PIC pin current sourcing
Archive through 13 January, 2017
Long-lasting LED!
Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
Fellow Electronics Enthusiasts - South Somerset.
Oscilloscope Probe Bandwidth x1 v x10.
Digital synthesised sig gen?
Brushless motors
Help with transistor circuit
Long lasting RAM
Code size from MPLAB and MPLAB-X
This month's Circuit Surgery (Feb).
Yet more festive lights
PCB Again!
Oct 2016 ECG Sampler Software
Dotted Lines on Switches
More LED Festive Lights
Magnetic Phono Cartridge
188 MOSFET case styles at Farnell...
PIC n' Mix ADC
Eagle Cad
Arduino code
PIC n' Mix ADC
DVD sled pinouts?
Hallicrafters S-38B Radio
(Current) Mirror - cracked.
Curiosity development board
What are these?
Archive through 26 November, 2016
This month's Interface article (January)
Grounding USB connectors (or not)
Center Zero Bench Power Supply?
Amazon Echo on Black Friday
EPE appliance insulation tester build
Viewing variables in MPLAB X IDE
Dragging a dev board back to date
Flowcode 7
EPE Magnetometry Logger
Li-Ion batteries
Safe LED reverse current
Phase shift
Solder mask vs resist
LED Christmas Lights - Questionable Safety?
Atmel AVR Xplained will explain it to you directly
Quadrature detector
Confusing CAD drawings for USB micro B
Return of I U
Online auction of PCB equipment.
Circuit Wizard
First Silly questions
Quadrature detector
PCB "reverse buildup"
Where do I put my ammeter?
Microchip news for the end of 2016
Raspberry Pi USB micro-B connector part number
Archive through 21 October, 2016
Grid of resistors
UK made Valve transformers
Op Amps
Source of 1% through hole resistors
SMD magnifying specacles - which?
TINA problem
Multiplexing and MIDI
Serial connection problem
Photoresist film pcb
Readership Survey
Do PCB manufacturers (or CAD packages) adjust hole sizes?...
Sparking, weak "Henry" motor
Arduino-Based USB Electrocardiogram
Radio reception
Mirroring PCB file
PIC n'mix - PICkit 3
Measuring Input Offset Voltage and Input Bias Currents.
MK2 System
Monitoring a Port using MPLAB X IDE
EPE Resistivity Logger 2003
Choice of low-esr capacitors for PIC Power Supply
Panel meter screws
Drawing circles - LED matrix
Programming the EEPROM in a PIC16F1829
RF mixer
Archive through 22 July, 2016
Introductory advice for 18F PICs in assembly
Battery charger
Shielded/Unshielded Twisted Pair (STP/UTP)
Headerless AVR ISP programming
PICs and Pickit3
Pickit 2 & 3 Programming and the range of chips supported...
Capacitance Meter MKII Interface Article EPE Aug 2016
Surface Mount Sizes
SDHC card woes.
Question about Mylar speakers
Anyone had experience of Myrra
PCB Etching chemicals
What is "AC Bias" (Not related to magnetic tapes!)...
ANN: EPE Summer Sale on PCBs, Back Issues and Teach-In!
WIB Wiki Info
PCB Assembly
Teach-In 2016
Under the radar
Is Radio Spares picking on me!
Triac dimmer/speed controller
Tips on making your own PCB
Pcb stencil
Best diy metal detector
Cheapest one-of PCB source?
Mains Safety Considerations
Archive through 01 June, 2016
Programming PIC 16F876
Desolder station advice
Bubble etch tank
Epe Magnetometer PC software
Op Amp Biasing
FTDI: X-Series, R-Series, H-Series, FT260
Pickit 3 "target not ready can't communicate" error...
Multimeter resistance
Electronics Shows
Surface mount oven
Combining USB serial streams
Isolation milling of PCB's using PCB Wizard.
PIC Programming
Tidying up components
Sampling Theory and Practice
RF choke
EPE's got talent.
Anyone ordering from Digikey or Mouser...?
Capactior ESR
Why e-paper display is so active & popular presently?
MPASM issue
Funny quote
Upgrade to PICKit2 device support
New device support for PICkit2
Funny quote
Old EPE project code
Archive through 29 March, 2016
Old PEs etc need caring home
Comparator circuit mystery.
Digital Thermostat Project from last year
Retro Nixie Clock
Interesting video on op-amps
Harris vs. Intersil 7216 counter chip
'really cheap' ICSP probe
MPLAB Xpress.
Debugging in MPLABX
Perennial Excel to 'things' problem...
How do you implement a state machine in a micro?
June 73 Wireless World
Really bright 12/24V LED oyster light
I.F Coil
PIC24F ADC Mode 1, MODE 2 ,...
Musical chairs?
Anyone ID this please?
Charging a laptop battery externally
Dire DIA problems.
MPLAB Xpress
Baffling problem solved
Doing the maths at what end? Micro or tablet?
FTDI Drivers, again...
Archive through 20 February, 2016
Digital thermostat Project from last year
ADC 18F4431 - oversampling - abnormal reading (fixed offs...
Teach-In 2016 - Arduino.
Firefly Jar
Microchip's MPLAB Xpress Cloud Based IDE
Signal Relays and Wetting Current
Salvaging a car battery
Smoke test - intriguing outcome
Amplifier Measurements?
Etchant tank clips
Very small portable generators
Common Emitter Amplifier
Bluetooth RN42 module enters Command mode - deaf afterwards
Choosing an RS232 breakout board
ADC in a micro - actual use of -Vref
18F4431 - setting pins as plain IO
Printing .pdf pages
E-link Displays
Monster Bench PSU
Lichtenstein figures
C code gotcha
Best oscilloscope
Simple C code not working as expected
Fluke PM3082 Oscilloscope Autoset function
Archive through 03 January, 2016
OLD maplin function generator
Transformer in reverse
Laptop emissions
Merry Christmas
This Month's Audio Out Filter board ArtWork
RN42 - Bluetooth module - shield pads
MPLABX and virtual machines
Crivit Sports (Lidl) IAN79699 Bicycle lamp.
Microchip XC8 and _XTAL_FREQ
Crivit Sport (Lidl) bicycle light.
Messages for an LCD display
Operation of 741 opamp.
Pi Zero
Shock And Awe.
Problem installing XC8 compiler
Can anyone please check my calculation?
RN42 Bluetooth + PIC 18F hardware flow control RTS / CTS
Electronic Die
Happy 11001000 George
Zenor Diode application confirmation.
Windows 10
Cascaded op amps
Character/Graphical LCD - Panel Mounting
Analog PID controller from scratch
Archive through 18 October, 2015
Selling big VFD and LCD displays and XPort Pro
Maplin Mini Lab Power Supply?
MK484 MW Radio tuning range
New member wants oscilloscope advice
3 Megavolts from a lipstick-sized 'stun'gun'?
Best place to by AD5325 ?
Budget folded aluminium enclosures.
Lg Lcd monitor issues
Giving away electronics components in France
Adding a LED to switch ON when Vin is within window
Credit where due...
Op amp integrator with reset circuit - not working properly
Solar lamps
So obvious..
Electric drill problem
Darlington pair and Rbe resistors
LTSpice 'bead' inductors
Filemenu tools
Mike Hibbett
SPDT Analogue switch IC
PIC Carillon
UPS connections
Archive through 14 August, 2015
Ups question
Good value kit
"So many" FTDI chip types
FT245 completely disappeared
27c512 hex code
Facebook problems
DIL Adapter
Useful micro' utility
Time clock from 7.2 MHz crystal
"Electrical" crimp tools
Current Mirror Question
New java version blocks applets
PC hijack
PIC n' Mix - Revisiting Fritzing - Am I the only one conf...
MOT and flux question
Multi o/p psu
Long gate period add on for counter.
Android tablet - plotting data bytes coming through Blue...
Small, efficient solar cell
What sort of connector is this?
New Search Engine added to EPE
Murata DC/DC (MEE1S0509DC) hot / fried
Odd logic chip.
Vertical PCB-Mounting 4mm socket
Archive through 15 June, 2015
Panel cut-out for M6 etc
How much power takes to faintly light a fluorescent tube ?
PIC16f877 A/D conversation
Variable PSU
New Maplin Catalogue
What to implement for gaining experience in control loops?
TM1638 and DS1307 and PIC and Aaaarrgghhhh
CCS with no load - op amp warms up
Online source repository MPLABX
Input Offset Voltage & Input Bias Currents
Stripboard voltage rating
PIC n' Mix June 2015
Analog hybrid computer from 2002 period
Analog multimeter + diode bridge - dual polarity current
Op amp hysteresis with low input voltage
Son of Joule Thief
Arduino code help.
On-screen text reworked - Results
Negative voltage one shot - 2 usec
Signal current amplifier
"Remote" PIC reprogramming
Right-click "touch" utility ?
DMX to analogue
Filament LED bulbs
Low noise mains socket (anyone?)
Propagation of EM wave
Archive through 14 April, 2015
Computer audio question
Practical Electronics anyone?
DIY Spectrum analyser
Ebay "Boreoscope" & USB cable limits
Analog scope in X-Y mode
EPE Motor controller March 2015
Motor Speed Control.
Pickit3 - ICD3 - Anyone with experience in both?
MPLAB X and Pickit 3
PC memory usage
First round world solar powered flight
Header crimp tool
Multi phase motor controller
Problems with fan motor.
Speed up an op-amp?
I2C for pic18F47J13
XP Detailed data, common-mode choke.
Scanning your aincient magazines and books
PIC-DATS Light chaser May/June 1995
Half-waves and electricity meters.
TPA1517NE vs TDA1517P
13Amp plug question
Ladybird - re video
Archive through 23 February, 2015
Problems with 1W LEDs
W2AEW's video - ESR - Capxon cap
What type are these resistors?
LM324/LM2902 and Analogue meter scales
20 x 4 LCD modules
Concentration of PCB Developer
Wib ethernet jack
What happened to the LiS battery ?
Cap for 5-way nav switch
LTSpice - varying frequency along time
Definition of electronics.
What LED current?
Does anyone know to read BMP085
Electronics Tutorials
PCB making
Sticky problem.
TDS2002 - RS232 Levels?
Magnetometry Logger July 2004
Tremolo control - input signal seems to be riding the output
How to get iPlayer
Practical electronics magazine August 1976
ZN409CE - SAA1027
Measuring rms value of the mains
7 Segment Display Common Anode Woes
LEDs and lighting
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