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Guidelines for Posting

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Increased Files Sizes for UploadsAdmin30/11/05  03:23 pm
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Posted on Wednesday, 27 April, 2005 - 08:17 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Acceptable Use Policy


EPE Magazine and Radio Bygones Magazine offer this community-based service for readers to converse in a simple web-based message forum that's intended to be friendly, welcoming, useful, on-topic and helpful. It is a self-help forum and is not intended as an official channel to EPE Editorial staff.

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to the EPE Chat Zone, and to come back again, so there are a few common-sense rules that form our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) detailed below.

This forum is provided free by EPE Magazine and Radio Bygones Magazine in order to promote an interest in hobby and amateur electronics and vintage radio.

We hope that users will maintain the same friendly, welcoming and constructive spirit that we ourselves adopt within the printed magazines, of which our forums are an extension. If you do not agree with our AUP, you should discontinue use and delete your account in your Profile settings.

This forum is strictly an EPE web site and messages are not pre-moderated by us before being published. We operate it "as is" and in line with company policy. Users of our forums should observe good standards of behaviour, follow generally-accepted rules of netiquette and help with the smooth running of the forum by observing the Usage Policy. Please keep this in mind, before you post.

Off-topic 'banter' merely adds to background 'noise' and reduces the usefulness of our forums. It helps everyone to post into the correct area, to keep all material focussed and on topic, using reasonable standards of 'legibility' to make your message meaningful to fellow readers.

Using this forum or any other media (including E-mail) to provoke or abuse other forum members or EPE staff for whatever reason is unacceptable behaviour that may result in messages being editted or deleted, or offenders being suspended for a period or in extreme cases, banned altogether. At such times, we are not obliged to explain our reasons for doing so.

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

1a. Who may post? If you have a hobby electronics-related or vintage radio/ equipment query, you're welcome to register and post your comments in the Everyday Practical Electronics (“EPE”) Magazine Chat Zone or Radio Bygones Magazine message board whether you subscribe to our magazines or not.

1b. If you require a specific response from EPE staff to your query then you must use E-mail, as unfortunately we do not guarantee to reply to individual queries posted here and your message may risk being overlooked.

We reserve the right not to respond in any forum to "open" questions from individuals that are addressed to EPE staff with expectations of receiving a group or audience reply. Our policy is to provide individual replies to individual queries.

2. Acceptable material includes: EPE project-related subjects, hints and tips, requests for help in relation to EPE and Radio Bygones projects and articles, measured comments and views about the magazines’ contents, readers' general hobby electronics-related questions, readers' private "small ads." for electronic components, equipment, books, magazines and similar electronics related items.

To protect your privacy, you should not reveal Email addresses, private addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information in this forum.

3. Commercial Advertisements are not permissible in the EPE Chat Zone and will be deleted immediately.

4. Language & Abuse: EPE proudly enjoys a broad, multicultural spectrum of readership from all around the world. We do not tolerate any form of abuse in our forums. Abuse includes, but is not limited exclusively to, instances of bad or foul language, nationalistic or racist remarks, intemperate, provocative, abusive or obscene remarks, "trolls" and other forms of generally unacceptable behaviour as determined by the Board Administrator.

Please use good judgment and observe general standards of Netiquette when posting here. We operate a strict No Flames policy. Abusive behaviour may result in message deletions and no explanation will be provided in such events.

As English may not be the first language of some posters, users are requested to make particular allowances for that.

Please avoid posting deep links to the content of any other electronics journals, newspapers or publications as this is deemed impolite, bad netiquette and causes embarrassment for both sites.

Copyright Notice

Please do not post material that is already protected by copyright laws elsewhere. You agree that content posted here becomes (c) Copyright Wimborne Publishing Ltd.

All material published by Wimborne Publishing Ltd is subject to Copyright. Users may not distribute, scan, reproduce or otherwise circulate our copyrighted material without our prior permission.

In particular, members should not request users to scan or copy any of our published material without seeking prior consent from the copyright owners. Permission will not be withheld unreasonably but it is important that we are asked first.

For more guidance about Back Issue availability and copyright, please see the EPE Back Issues FAQ here.

5. Other abuse of the forums includes posting wildly off-topic/ unsolicited material similar to "spam" or unsolicited advertisements, notwithstanding acceptable "small ads." in (2). In addition, deliberately posting abusive or off-topic posts across the message board in order to derail the smooth operation of the forum, will result in user accounts being suspended.

6. Textual Message Limits are restricted to 15 kb in size, excluding inline images or file attachments. There is more information in the "File and Image Limits" topic.

7. Personal Image Registered users may upload from their hard drive a favourite Picture to display in their Profile. The maximum size permitted is 100 pixels in either dimension. If your image fails to display properly for technical reasons, please contact for help, or post a message into the 'Forum Help' section.

8. Image and File Uploads Registered users may attach an image as part of their message. The maximum dimensions of images are 800 px x 600 px, maximum file size 150kb. If an upload fails due to excessive size, please crop, resize or compress it using e.g. Paint Shop Pro to reduce the filesize. GIFs are the best file type for circuit diagrams, screenshots etc. JPGs are best for photographs.

Appropriate binary files can also be uploaded, e.g. text source code, word processor or other files. The file size limit is 150kb. EPE/ RB accepts absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of downloading and running any of the files uploaded here by other users.

The file attachment or image upload will fail if either exceeds 150kb.

9. URL's and Links: Our forums includes a facility to link to URL's as part of a posting. URL's may not point to any page which directly contains blatantly offensive or other material that may offend the average responsible user.

10. Message Expiry: Threads in the EPE Chat Zone and Radio Bygones message boards are automatically closed and periodically archived, in order to keep the forum to a manageable size. Messages in the Test Area and Forum Help topics are automatically deleted when certain levels are reached.

The EPE Webmaster may, without warning or explanation, delete any messages that offend the spirit of the Acceptable Use Policy or breach Company policy in any other way. Deleted messages are unrecoverable.

In exceptional circumstances the Board Adminstrators may be forced to Close a Thread if it has moved excessively off topic, or which may in our opinion be damaging, or is judged likely to, or is giving rise to (potential) abuse, provocation or any other breach of the AUP or Company policy.

Closed threads cannot be re-opened but this does not prevent users from starting new threads always in keeping with the AUP.

11. Your Privacy. Registered users are recommended to hide their “real” E-mail address (the one they registered under) in Profile Preferences. They can also hide their Profile from the Members List, and can choose not to accept “Private Messages” as well.

We do not collect or retain users' E-mail addresses for any reason except as far as is related to the correct operation of this forum. Note: the IP addresses of posters are logged.

12. Disclaimer: the EPE Chat Zone and Radio Bygones message board are a free, open service and the Publishers of Everyday Practical Electronics magazine accept no responsibility for any loss or damage or distress of any nature arising through the use of this free service, wherever and howsoever caused. Registering and posting a message or follow-up into the EPE Chat Zone signifies users' acceptance of the AUP.

13. Board Moderation This forum is unmoderated but posts are subject to review by the Company and the Board Administrator. We will delete a post that breaches Company policy, creates a possible legal liability for the Company or other users, is in breach of commercial confidences or breaches the Acceptable Use Policy in any other way.

14. Queries and Complaints: Please E-mail the webmaster) with any queries or complaints (e.g. to report breaches of the AUP, problems with uploaded files) as soon as possible so that we may investigate. We will strive to reply as soon as possible.

© 2006 Wimborne Publishing Ltd. Last updated 23rd September 2006.

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