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SC200 Amplifier mains transformer updateadmin06/02/18  10:15 am
SC200 amplifier parts Jan 2018+admin08/01/18  06:20 pm
Low cost PCB holdergordon03/08/17  07:31 pm
Anyone has ETI magazines from Nov/Dec 1987?asc11 08/06/17  05:18 pm
Shopping LED's for solar garden lights on eb**g0hjq25/04/17  10:24 am
100w Hybrid Switchmode Linear Bench Supplynielsejner17 23/04/17  11:20 am
DAB Antenna Jan. 2017 issue - correctionarw19/01/17  11:16 am
Appliance Insulation tester, April 2016 partsarw17/11/16  11:30 pm
SC drill speed controllerarw08/08/16  10:59 am
June 2016 Infrasound Snooper: pots and box ?atferrari17 05/08/16  04:10 pm
Nixie Clock Kitcarobri17/05/16  11:57 pm
The Currawong Valve Amplifiertandy10 12/12/15  09:41 pm
Electrolytic Capacitor Reformer (Aug Sep 2012)gordon14/10/15  08:03 pm
Low-Cost 10V DC Precision Reference (May 2015)admin14/05/15  09:40 am
EPE Feb 2014 Frequency Counterphonoplug10 01/03/15  10:36 pm
Guitar to midi PICcjay21/12/14  10:26 am
Oct '14 Headphone Amplifier metal case
Clarification of the steel case used in the prototype
slatorr26/11/14  01:49 pm
Source for 3.3v LCD Modules?mikehibbett12/08/14  10:15 am
Mains timer for lights & Fans (EPE Nov 2013)admin04/08/14  11:34 pm
Digital Sound Effects Module Sept. 2013arw10/03/14  08:21 pm
Pre-Programmed PICstandy13/11/13  05:20 pm
Technobotsonline, are they a good supplier?thomass26/10/13  01:19 pm
Source or specification for TOKO part?ramchip23/05/13  01:30 pm
May12 Signal Generator-Accessory Screendad_k18/05/13  08:59 am
Useful website for plasticsdave_g30/03/13  07:28 am
APRIL'13 DECADE BOXrob_guyer13/03/13  01:27 am
Interplanetary Voice Projectraydrury04/02/13  05:45 pm
Solar Water Heating Controllerdselec14 23/07/12  07:33 pm
May'12 Signal Generator-Matching Padrob_guyer17/04/12  01:03 am
WIB Time Display Module LED Displaysmjb17/03/12  01:57 pm
Web Server in a Box Wikiarw19/02/12  01:46 am
Ferrite ring-core 18x10x6vlf05/02/12  12:06 pm
Web In A Box SD socket (Dec. 11 EPE)arw19/01/12  05:42 pm
Air Quality Monitor sensors (EPE Feb 2012)arw19/01/12  05:37 pm
GPS Car Computerarw14/01/12  01:50 am
Motor Speed Controller June 2011dselec20/11/11  05:07 pm
Time Delay Photoflash Trigger (Februrary 2011) arw08/11/11  01:11 pm
Theremin IF Coilsvlf17/09/11  10:52 pm
What Are The Cores On The Theremin??? ant15/06/11  09:36 pm
Digital Audio Oscillator code (May 2011 EPE)arw15/06/11  01:31 pm
UCurrent projectarw18/04/11  10:16 pm
PIC-based Flexitimer EPE August 2010 updatearw14/02/11  10:54 am
VGA sockets PIC n Mix Propeller dave_squibb21/09/10  10:02 pm
Dsp musicolour kitgordon14/06/10  10:11 pm
Remote volume control epe june july 2009dave_squibb02/06/10  08:35 am
Reminder - Shop Talkarw06/03/10  10:33 pm
Guitar to MIDI pic chip, October 2009thelostdot25/02/10  06:15 pm
Digital VFOjlester31/12/09  10:25 am
The Case of The Missing Case !
GPS frequency reference. EPE April & May 2009
terrym09/05/09  05:27 am
Components for the GPS frequency reference
GPS frequency reference. EPE April & May 2009
wlf01/05/09  04:12 pm
Earth res loggerperro02/04/09  10:09 am
Earth resistivity loggerjohnny29/03/09  10:54 pm
Nov 2006 moving message signbrucetoo09/03/09  05:50 am
Issue 10+ 20W class A amp buildgordon22/10/08  10:06 pm
Ethernet 'Integrated Magnetics' Connectormikehibbett14/10/08  08:23 pm
MOSFET source LED lighting system (June/ July 2008)
Suggestions for MOSFET alternative
pewtu04/08/08  01:41 pm
U1 case for remote controlled pre-amp projectpgamble23/07/08  01:58 pm
Source for GLCDs - articles by John Beckerrichardc17/07/08  04:42 pm
Shop Talk Onlineadmin23/04/08  09:17 am
PIC Burglar Alarm (April 08) TwinTen Amplifier (Aug 07)...
Power supply suggestions
gordon03/04/08  05:25 pm
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